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Page Status

ID Namespace Name Version Last mention
in changelog
Determined state Stub Stub note Cleanup Cleanup note Deletion Deletion note
59 Category: Rewording Unknown Outdated
This isnt how to do that, you make it a stub
63 Category: Template Images Unknown Outdated
129 40mm Grenade UpToDate
130 40mm Stun Grenade UpToDate
131 Abs Component UpToDate
132 Abyss Outdated
133 Accordion UpToDate
135 Acos Component UpToDate
136 Adder Component UpToDate
137 Adrenaline UpToDate
138 Adrenaline Gland UpToDate
144 Afflictions Outdated
147 Alarm Buzzer UpToDate
150 Alien Pistol UpToDate Stub
Add media content.
151 Alien Power Cell UpToDate
152 Alien Ruins Outdated
153 Aluminum UpToDate
155 Anabolic Steroids UpToDate Stub
156 Anaparalyzant UpToDate Stub
157 Ancient Weapon Outdated Stub
Need to investigate structure damage numbers. Probably changed in version
158 And Component UpToDate
160 Antibiotic Glue UpToDate
161 Antirad UpToDate Stub
162 Aquatic Poppy UpToDate
166 Artifacts Outdated
167 Asin Component UpToDate
169 Atan Component UpToDate
171 Ballistic Fiber UpToDate
172 Ballistic Helmet UpToDate
174 Bandage UpToDate
175 Barotrauma Unknown Outdated Stub
179 Battery Outdated
182 Bike Horn UpToDate
183 Bite Wounds UpToDate
184 Black Moloch UpToDate
188 Blood Pack UpToDate
193 Blunt Force Trauma UpToDate
194 Body Armor UpToDate
195 Bone Thresher UpToDate
201 Broad-spectrum Antibiotics UpToDate Stub
205 Button UpToDate
207 C-4 Block UpToDate
209 Calcium UpToDate
210 Calyxanide UpToDate Stub
211 Camera UpToDate Stub
212 Campaign Outdated
219 Captain's Pipe UpToDate
222 Captain's Uniforms UpToDate
228 Carbon UpToDate
230 Ceil Component UpToDate
232 Charging Dock UpToDate
234 Charybdis (Legacy) Legacy
236 Chitin Chunk UpToDate
237 Chitin Helmet UpToDate
238 Chloral Hydrate UpToDate Stub
239 Chlorine UpToDate
243 Clown Costume UpToDate
244 Clown Ensemble UpToDate
245 Clown Mask UpToDate
246 Coelanth (Legacy) Legacy
248 Coilgun Ammunition Box UpToDate
251 Color Component UpToDate
252 Compound N UpToDate
256 Console Commands Outdated
262 Copper UpToDate
264 Cos Component UpToDate
273 Crawler (Legacy) Legacy
274 Crawler Mask UpToDate
Add images.
275 Creature Loot Outdated
276 Creatures Unknown Outdated Stub
Page needs to be expanded.
280 Cyanide UpToDate Stub
281 Cyanide Antidote UpToDate Stub
287 Deep Tissue Injury UpToDate
289 Delay Component UpToDate
290 Deliriumine UpToDate Stub
291 Deliriumine Antidote UpToDate Stub
294 Dementonite Cluster UpToDate
297 Depth Charge Shell UpToDate
299 Depth Decoy Shell UpToDate
302 Deusizine UpToDate
303 Divide Component UpToDate
305 Diving Mask Outdated
306 Diving Suit UpToDate
314 Doctor's Uniform UpToDate
315 Doors & Hatches UpToDate
317 Duffel Bag UpToDate
319 Elastin UpToDate
321 Electrical Discharge Coil UpToDate
323 Emergency Siren UpToDate
324 Enabling Mods on a Dedicated Server Outdated Stub
327 Engineer UpToDate
328 Engines UpToDate
329 Equals Component UpToDate
330 Ethanol UpToDate
333 Events Outdated
334 Exploding Ammunition Box UpToDate
335 Explosive Harpoon UpToDate
337 Exponentiation Component UpToDate
338 FPGA Circuit UpToDate
340 Fabricator & Deconstructor Outdated
341 Factorial Component UpToDate
344 Fentanyl UpToDate Stub
345 Fertilizer UpToDate
348 Flare Outdated
349 Flash Powder UpToDate
350 Flashlight UpToDate
351 Floor Component UpToDate
353 Frag Grenade UpToDate
354 Fuel Rod Outdated
355 Fulgurium Chunk UpToDate
357 Fulgurium Fuel Rod Outdated
360 Game Modes Outdated
362 Gardening UpToDate
363 Gatherable Materials UpToDate
367 Greater Component UpToDate
372 Guitar UpToDate
373 Gunner's Helmet UpToDate
374 Gunshot Wound UpToDate
375 Hallucinogenic Bufotoxin UpToDate Stub
376 Haloperidol UpToDate Stub
380 Hammerhead Spawn UpToDate
382 Handcuffs UpToDate Stub
Add media content.
384 Harmonica UpToDate
385 Harpoon UpToDate
390 Head slot Unknown Outdated Stub
403 Husk Infection Resistance UpToDate
404 Husk Stinger UpToDate
405 Husked Crawler UpToDate
406 Hyperactivity UpToDate
407 Hyperzine UpToDate Stub
409 IC-4 Block UpToDate
410 ID Card UpToDate
413 Incendium Crystal UpToDate
416 Installations UpToDate Stub
418 Iron UpToDate
420 Items Unknown Outdated Stub
Needs to be expanded
424 Junction Box UpToDate Stub
425 Karma Outdated
426 Lacerations UpToDate
429 Lead UpToDate
430 Leucocyte UpToDate
431 Lever UpToDate
432 Light Component UpToDate
433 Liquid Oxygenite UpToDate
435 List of NPC Names Unknown Outdated
436 Lithium UpToDate
439 Logbook UpToDate
440 Magnesium UpToDate
442 Maintenance UpToDate
443 Mantis (Legacy) Legacy
444 Mechanic UpToDate
446 Medical Doctor UpToDate
447 Medical Fabricator UpToDate
452 Memory Component UpToDate
453 Methamphetamine UpToDate Stub
457 Missions Outdated Stub
All missions containing non-unique NPC are broken because we don't have pages for all of the separatist and coalition random NPCs etc.
458 Modulo Component UpToDate
461 Morbusine UpToDate Stub
462 Morbusine Antidote UpToDate Stub
464 Morphine UpToDate Stub
465 Mother's Countenance UpToDate
466 Mother's Providence UpToDate
467 Motion Detector UpToDate
468 Mucus Ball UpToDate
470 Mudraptor UpToDate
471 Mudraptor Egg UpToDate
474 Multiply Component UpToDate
475 Mutated Pomegrenade UpToDate
476 Mutated Raptor Bane UpToDate
477 Naloxone UpToDate Stub
479 Navigation Terminal Outdated
481 Nitroglycerin UpToDate
482 Not Component UpToDate
483 Nuclear Depth Charge UpToDate
484 Nuclear Depth Decoy Outdated
486 Nuclear Shell UpToDate
488 Opiate Addiction UpToDate
490 Opiate Overdose UpToDate
491 Opiate Withdrawal UpToDate
492 Opium UpToDate Stub
493 Or Component UpToDate
497 Orders Outdated
498 Organ Damage Outdated
499 Organic Fiber UpToDate
500 Oscillator Component UpToDate
501 Oxygen Detector UpToDate
502 Oxygen Generator UpToDate
506 Oxygenite Shard UpToDate
510 Paralysis Resistance UpToDate
511 Paralyxis UpToDate
514 Periscope UpToDate
515 Permissions Outdated
516 Pet Name Tag UpToDate
517 Pets Outdated
518 Phosphorus UpToDate
519 Physicorium Ammunition Box UpToDate
520 Physicorium Bar UpToDate
521 Physicorium Harpoon UpToDate
522 Physicorium Shell UpToDate
523 Piercing Ammunition Box UpToDate
524 Pipe Tobacco UpToDate
528 Plastic UpToDate
529 Plastiseal UpToDate
531 Pomegrenade UpToDate
533 Pomegrenade Seed UpToDate
534 Poop UpToDate
535 Potassium UpToDate
536 Pressure Resistance UpToDate
540 Psychosis Resistance UpToDate
542 Pumps Outdated
545 Radiotoxin UpToDate Stub
549 Railgun Shell UpToDate
551 Raptor Bane UpToDate
553 Raptor Bane Seed UpToDate
558 RegEx Find Component UpToDate
559 Relay Component UpToDate
561 Revolver Round UpToDate
562 Riot Helmet UpToDate
564 Round Component UpToDate
567 SMG Magazine UpToDate
568 Saline UpToDate
569 Salt Bulb UpToDate
570 Salt Vine Seed UpToDate
572 Scorpion Legacy
573 Screwdriver UpToDate
574 Sea Yeast Shroom UpToDate
575 Searchlight UpToDate
580 Security Officer's Uniform UpToDate
581 Seed Bag UpToDate
583 Shipwreck ID Card UpToDate Stub
584 Shipyard Outdated
585 Shotgun Shell UpToDate
589 Signal Check Component UpToDate
590 Silicon UpToDate
591 Sin Component UpToDate
595 Slime Bacteria UpToDate
596 Slow Metabolism UpToDate
597 Small Planter Box UpToDate
599 Smoke Detector UpToDate Stub
Broken sprite image
600 Sodium UpToDate
601 Sonar Beacon UpToDate
602 Sonar Monitor Outdated
603 Sonar Transducer Outdated
607 Square Root Component UpToDate
608 Stabilozine UpToDate Stub
610 Status Monitor UpToDate
613 Steel Bar UpToDate
619 Strange Eggs UpToDate
624 Stun Gun Dart UpToDate
631 Subtract Component UpToDate
632 Sufforin UpToDate Stub
633 Sufforin Antidote UpToDate Stub
635 Sulphuric Acid UpToDate Stub
636 Sulphurite Shard UpToDate
637 Supercapacitor Outdated
639 Switch UpToDate
641 Tan Component UpToDate
642 Terminal UpToDate
643 Terminal Cell UpToDate
644 Thalamus Outdated
648 Thorium UpToDate
649 Thorium Fuel Rod UpToDate
653 Tin Outdated
654 Titanium UpToDate
655 Titanium-Aluminum Alloy UpToDate
657 Tobacco Bud UpToDate
658 Tobacco Vine Seed UpToDate
663 Tools Unknown Outdated Stub
Needs to be expanded
664 Toy Hammer UpToDate
667 Traitors Outdated Stub
A lot of the info is outdated after Trecherous Tides update. Cleaned it up a bit but it all needs to be verified.
668 UEX UpToDate
670 Underwater Scooter UpToDate
672 Uranium UpToDate
675 Calyx Extract UpToDate Stub
676 Vent UpToDate
681 Vigor UpToDate
684 Walls Outdated
687 Watcher (Legacy) Legacy
688 Watchman Clothes UpToDate Stub
Add media.
689 Water Detector UpToDate
690 Watering Can UpToDate
692 Handheld Weapons Outdated
694 Welding Tool UpToDate Stub
Update media section
697 Wifi Component UpToDate
700 Wires Outdated Stub
702 Wiring Components UpToDate Stub
704 Xor Component UpToDate
705 Zinc UpToDate
2117 Moloch UpToDate
2119 Alien Blood Outdated
2120 Railgun UpToDate Stub
Add images.
2121 Biomes Outdated Stub
Aphotic Plateau, Great Sea and Hydrothermal Wastes sections need more info.
2122 Ice Spires Outdated
2123 Piezo Crystals Outdated Stub
2125 Dugong Outdated
2126 Coilgun UpToDate Stub
Add images.
2127 Autofill Tags UpToDate
2128 Spineling UpToDate
2129 Cthulhu UpToDate
2130 Orange Boy UpToDate
2131 Psilotoad UpToDate
2132 Peanut UpToDate
2133 Security Officer Outdated
2134 Incendium Grenade UpToDate
2135 Stun Grenade UpToDate
2136 EMP Grenade UpToDate
2137 Depth Charge UpToDate
2138 Incendium Fuel Tank UpToDate Stub
2139 Welding Fuel Tank UpToDate Stub
2140 Oxygenite Tank UpToDate
2141 Oxygen Tank Outdated
2142 Fulgurium Battery Cell UpToDate
2143 Battery Cell UpToDate
2144 Wrench UpToDate Stub
Add media, update existing media
2145 Toolbelt Outdated
2146 Rubber UpToDate
2148 Watcher's Gaze UpToDate
2149 Space Herpes UpToDate
2150 Nausea UpToDate
2151 Drunk UpToDate
2152 Psychosis UpToDate
2154 Cyanide Poisoning UpToDate
2155 Deliriumine Poisoning UpToDate
2156 Morbusine Poisoning UpToDate
2157 Paralysis UpToDate
2158 Husk Infection UpToDate
2159 Radiation Sickness UpToDate
2160 High Pressure Outdated
2161 Oxygen Low UpToDate
2162 Stun Outdated
2163 Bloodloss UpToDate
2164 Burn UpToDate
2165 Bleeding UpToDate
2166 Internal Damage UpToDate
2167 Sufforin Poisoning UpToDate
2168 Achievements Outdated
2169 Minerals UpToDate
2172 Concatenation Component UpToDate
2173 Thorianite UpToDate
2174 Esperite UpToDate
2175 Amblygonite UpToDate
2176 Sphalerite UpToDate Stub
Add Media.
2177 Quartz UpToDate Stub
Add Media.
2178 Brockite UpToDate Stub
Add Media.
2179 Titanite UpToDate
2180 Diamond UpToDate
2181 Hydroxyapatite UpToDate
2182 Uranium Ore UpToDate
2183 Ilmenite UpToDate
2184 Stannite UpToDate Stub
Add Media.
2185 Cassiterite UpToDate
2186 Cryolite UpToDate
2245 Galena UpToDate
2246 Triphylite UpToDate Stub
Add Media.
2247 Langbeinite UpToDate
2248 Chamosite UpToDate Stub
Add Media.
2249 Iron Ore UpToDate Stub
Add Media.
2250 Pyromorphite UpToDate Stub
Add Media.
2251 Polyhalite UpToDate Stub
Add Media.
2252 Sylvite UpToDate
2253 Chrysoprase UpToDate
2254 Graphite UpToDate
2255 Lazulite UpToDate Stub
Add Media.
2256 Aragonite UpToDate Stub
Add media content.
2257 Bornite UpToDate Stub
Add Media.
2258 Chalcopyrite UpToDate
2259 Carrier (Legacy) Legacy
2260 Harpoon Gun UpToDate
2261 Headset UpToDate
2262 Health Scanner HUD UpToDate
2263 Captain UpToDate
2264 Plants UpToDate
2265 Watcher UpToDate
2266 Tiger Thresher UpToDate
2267 Hammerhead Matriarch UpToDate
2268 Hammerhead UpToDate
2269 Golden Hammerhead UpToDate
2270 Fractal Guardian Outdated
2271 Charybdis UpToDate
2272 Skills Outdated
2273 Endworm (Legacy) Legacy
2274 Human Outdated
2275 Explosives UpToDate
2276 Gear UpToDate
2277 Nuclear Reactor Outdated
2281 Swim Bladder UpToDate
2282 Mudraptor Shell UpToDate
2283 Moloch Shell Fragment UpToDate
2284 Plasma Cutter Outdated
2285 Wiring Unknown Outdated Stub
2286 Ladder UpToDate
2287 Stun Baton UpToDate
2288 Europan Handshake UpToDate
2289 Diving Knife UpToDate
2290 Prototype Steam Cannon UpToDate
2291 Deadeye Carbine UpToDate
2292 Boom Stick UpToDate
2293 Stun Gun UpToDate
2294 Syringe Gun UpToDate
2295 Revolver UpToDate
2296 Grenade Launcher UpToDate
2297 Vitality Outdated Stub
2298 Controls Menu Unknown Outdated
2299 Oxygen Unknown Outdated Stub
2300 Detonator UpToDate
2301 Crates Outdated
2302 Storage Container Outdated
2303 Sprayer UpToDate
2304 Volatile Compound N UpToDate
2305 Containers Outdated
2306 Railgun Loader UpToDate
2310 Crowbar UpToDate
2311 Fire Extinguisher UpToDate Stub
Update media content.
2312 Handheld Sonar Outdated Stub
Need details on mineral scanner, screenshots, gif why not
2313 Baseball Cap UpToDate
2314 Mechanic's Jumpsuit UpToDate
2315 Boiler Suit UpToDate
2316 Mechanic's Uniforms UpToDate
2318 Hazmat Suit UpToDate
2319 Engineer's Jumpsuit UpToDate
2320 Submarine Editor Unknown Outdated Stub
Page layout is somewhat hard to follow. Should add more images.
2322 Jobs UpToDate
2323 Medical Items UpToDate
2324 Store Outdated
2325 Scrap UpToDate
2326 Assistant Clothes UpToDate
2331 Medic's Fatigues UpToDate
2333 Assistant Outdated
2334 Husk UpToDate
2335 SMG UpToDate
2336 Flamer UpToDate
2337 Submarines Outdated
2339 Raptor Bane Extract UpToDate Stub
2340 Pomegrenade Extract UpToDate
2342 Crawler UpToDate
2343 Crafting Materials UpToDate
2344 Riot Shotgun UpToDate
2345 Ahab's Spear UpToDate Stub
Add media content.
2361 Ballast Flora UpToDate
2464 Wrecks UpToDate Stub
Requires more up-to-date information.
2513 Fiber Plant UpToDate
2514 Elastin Plant UpToDate
2534 Azimuth Outdated Stub
2535 Orca Outdated
2536 Humpback Outdated Stub
2537 Typhon Outdated Stub
2538 R-29 Outdated Stub
2539 Berilia UpToDate Stub
2540 Remora UpToDate Stub
2541 Typhon 2 Outdated
2542 Kastrull Outdated
2576 Bunks UpToDate Stub
2580 Glowstick Outdated
2599 Mudraptor Hatchling UpToDate
2600 Tiger Thresher Hatchling UpToDate
2601 Crawler Hatchling UpToDate
2604 Tiger Thresher Egg UpToDate
2605 Crawler Egg UpToDate
2606 Incremental Stun UpToDate
2649 Sonar Unknown Outdated Stub
poor quality information, to add: finer details of sonar like engine/reactor, update rates, ranges, and relation to creature aggro, better quality media
2662 Caves Outdated Stub
new feature, pictures, details
2666 Mantis UpToDate Stub
Needs to be expanded
2667 Endworm UpToDate
2683 Sky Alien Artifact Outdated Stub
Missing image.
2684 Thermal Alien Artifact Outdated Stub
Missing image.
2685 Faraday Alien Artifact Outdated Stub
Missing image.
2686 Nasonov Alien Artifact Outdated Stub
Missing image.
2687 Psychosis Alien Artifact Outdated Stub
Missing image.
2765 Combat Diving Suit UpToDate
2766 Abyss Diving Suit UpToDate
2793 Reaper's Tax UpToDate
2794 Hallucinating UpToDate
2813 Jovian Radiation UpToDate
2817 Progressive Stun UpToDate
2840 Admiral's Hat UpToDate
2841 Renegade's Hat UpToDate
2842 Veteran's Cap UpToDate
2843 Gunner's Uniform UpToDate
2844 Commando's Fatigues UpToDate
2845 Admiral's Uniform UpToDate
2846 Renegade's Jacket UpToDate
2847 Veteran's Jacket UpToDate
2853 Alien Curio UpToDate
2854 Alien Flare UpToDate
2855 Alien Ornament UpToDate
2856 Alien Trinket UpToDate
2944 Engineer's Uniforms UpToDate
2953 Bandit Outfits UpToDate
2954 Outpost Dweller's Outfit UpToDate
2976 Pulse Laser UpToDate Stub
Add image content.
2977 Chaingun UpToDate Stub
Add images.
2979 Chaingun Ammunition Box UpToDate
2980 Physicorium Chaingun Ammunition Box UpToDate
2982 Pulse Laser Fuel Box UpToDate
2983 Pulse Tri-Laser Fuel Box UpToDate
2988 Pirate Dugong Outdated Stub
2990 Pirate Humpback Outdated Stub
2994 Pirate Typhon 2 Outdated Stub
2996 Separatist Body Armor UpToDate
2997 Hemulen Unknown Outdated Stub
2998 Selkie Unknown Outdated Stub
2999 Venture Unknown Outdated Stub
3002 Kastrull Drone Unknown Outdated Stub
3003 Remora Drone Unknown Outdated Stub
3004 Canister Shell UpToDate
3011 Submarine Weapons UpToDate
3033 Husked Human UpToDate
3035 Hosting a Dedicated Server Outdated
3053 Turret Hardpoint UpToDate
3342 Autoshotgun UpToDate
3355 PUCS UpToDate
3417 Auto-Injector Headset UpToDate
3418 Handcannon UpToDate
3419 Talents Outdated
3422 Handcannon Round UpToDate
3425 Rapid Fissile Accelerator UpToDate
3430 Clown Diving Mask UpToDate
3441 Genetics UpToDate
3483 Assault Rifle UpToDate
3484 Art of Submarine Warfare UpToDate
3485 The Handy Seaman UpToDate
3486 Europan Medicine UpToDate
3487 The Sailorʹs Guide UpToDate
3488 Commendation UpToDate
3489 Medal UpToDate
3490 Cigar UpToDate Stub
3491 Endocrine Booster UpToDate
3493 Explosive Slug UpToDate
3494 Assault Rifle Magazine UpToDate
3497 Volatile Fulgurium Fuel Rod UpToDate
3508 Artifact Holder Unknown Outdated
3509 Artifact Transport Case UpToDate
3513 Slipsuit UpToDate
3514 Fixfoam Grenade UpToDate Stub
Needs media
3515 Reactor PDA UpToDate
3516 Handheld Electrical Monitor UpToDate
3517 Handheld Status Monitor UpToDate
3518 Safety Harness UpToDate
3519 Depleted Fuel UpToDate Stub
3520 Cargo Scooter UpToDate Stub
Add media content (cargo scooter in use).
3521 Dementonite Diving Knife UpToDate
3522 Dementonite Screwdriver UpToDate
3523 Dementonite Crowbar UpToDate
3524 Dementonite Wrench UpToDate
3543 Dirty Bomb UpToDate
3544 Portable Pump Outdated
3545 Gene Splicer UpToDate
3546 Advanced Gene Splicer UpToDate
3549 Hardened Crowbar UpToDate
3550 Hardened Diving Knife UpToDate
3572 Depleted Fuel Revolver Round UpToDate
3573 Fulgurium Stun Gun Dart UpToDate
3574 Depleted Fuel SMG Magazine UpToDate
3593 Depleted Fuel Coilgun Ammunition Box UpToDate
3595 Pressure Stabilizer UpToDate Stub
3596 Combat Stimulant UpToDate Stub
3605 Remote Monitor UpToDate
3607 Water Prankster UpToDate
3613 Hardened Screwdriver UpToDate
3614 Hardened Wrench UpToDate
3621 Military Applications UpToDate
3624 Repair Pack UpToDate
3625 Bandolier Outdated
3626 Thermal Goggles UpToDate
3628 Boarding Axe UpToDate
3629 Let it Drain UpToDate
3630 Gunsmith UpToDate
3651 Gravity Sphere Outdated
3652 Ph.D in Nuclear Physics UpToDate
3654 Safety First UpToDate
3656 Hull Fixer UpToDate
3658 Bounty Hunter (Talent) UpToDate
3659 Don't Die on Me! UpToDate
3661 Warlord UpToDate
3670 Alien Terminal UpToDate
3678 Guardian Pod Outdated
3679 Unidentified Genetic Material UpToDate
3685 Nuclear Option UpToDate
3687 Munitions Expertise UpToDate
3688 Implacable UpToDate
3690 By the Book UpToDate
3691 Bootcamp UpToDate
3697 Tonic Liquid UpToDate Stub
3700 Paralyzant UpToDate Stub
3707 Insurance Policy UpToDate
3708 Crew Layabout UpToDate
3721 Camaraderie UpToDate
3726 Down with the Ship UpToDate
3731 Drunken Sailor Outdated
3732 Sailor with No Name UpToDate
3733 Quickdraw UpToDate
3742 Melodic Respite UpToDate
3744 Scrap Savant UpToDate
3748 Miner UpToDate Stub
Investigate if it affects the Ancient Weapon, since that is now considered a "cuttingtool" and can mine ores
3750 Aggressive Engineering UpToDate
3751 Pyromaniac UpToDate
3755 Mass Production UpToDate
3756 Tinkerer UpToDate
3758 Dr. Submarine UpToDate
3762 Gene Harvester UpToDate
3764 Fireman's Carry UpToDate
3773 Tandem Fire UpToDate
3776 Stonewall UpToDate
3777 Beat Cop UpToDate
3780 Scavenger Outdated
3781 Physical Conditioning UpToDate
3782 First Aid Training UpToDate
3783 True Potential UpToDate
3784 Psycho Clown UpToDate
3786 Inspiring Tunes UpToDate
3788 Skedaddle UpToDate
3789 Playing Catchup UpToDate
3790 Graduation Ceremony UpToDate
3794 Apprenticeship UpToDate
3798 Music UpToDate Stub
Need to ask for a spam filter exemption and the devs' permission to upload music. Notes on when newer tracks play (spoilers?)
3799 Quality Outdated
3815 Crush Depth UpToDate
3819 List of Config Files/config.xml Unknown Outdated Stub
3820 Doomworm UpToDate
3822 Orca 2 UpToDate Stub
3824 Combat Stimulant (Affliction) UpToDate
3864 Pet Food UpToDate
3881 Swarm Feeder UpToDate
3885 Chem Addiction UpToDate
3886 Chem Withdrawal UpToDate
3907 Pressure Stabilized UpToDate
3914 Sonar Flora Outdated Stub
3916 Experience & Talent Points Outdated
3925 Ruin Scanner UpToDate
3966 Herja Outdated Stub
3967 Winterhalter Outdated Stub
3968 Barsuk Outdated Stub
4002 Crawler Genes UpToDate
4003 Mudraptor Genes UpToDate
4004 Spineling Genes UpToDate
4005 Moloch Genes UpToDate
4006 Tiger Thresher Genes UpToDate
4007 Mantis Genes UpToDate
4008 Hammerhead Genes UpToDate
4009 Hammerhead Matriarch Genes UpToDate
4010 Mollusc Genes UpToDate
4011 Skitter Genes UpToDate
4012 Hunter Genes UpToDate
4013 Increased Melee Damage (Temporary) UpToDate
4014 Husk Genes UpToDate
4015 Tunnel Vision UpToDate
4016 Rigid Joints UpToDate
4017 Hypersensitivity UpToDate
4018 Xenobiology UpToDate
4019 Outside Influence UpToDate
4020 Glass Jaw UpToDate
4021 Decrepify UpToDate
4022 Muscular Dystrophy UpToDate
4023 Inflamed Lung UpToDate
4071 Barotrauma (Affliction) UpToDate
4074 Mudraptor Veteran UpToDate
4087 Moloch Baby UpToDate
4089 Crawler Broodmother Outdated
4091 Concussion UpToDate
4092 Giant Spineling UpToDate
4096 Guide to Electrical Unknown Outdated Stub
4106 Disoriented UpToDate
4109 Drag UpToDate
4110 Damage Immunity UpToDate
4111 Concealed UpToDate
4113 Disguised UpToDate
4273 Damage (Affliction Type) UpToDate
4358 Latcher UpToDate
4419 Screwdriver (Legacy) Legacy
4431 Wrench (Legacy) Legacy
4433 Steel Bar (Legacy) Legacy
4435 Iron Powder (Legacy) Legacy
4437 Medical Fabricator (Legacy) Legacy
4591 Medical Syringe (Legacy) Legacy
4599 Alien Button UpToDate
4735 Volcanoes UpToDate Stub
4747 Inspired to Act UpToDate
4748 Well-drilled UpToDate
4753 Pyromania UpToDate
4754 Guarded UpToDate
4823 A gaze into the abyss UpToDate
4826 Killed a Moloch UpToDate
4827 Stop the hammertime UpToDate
4828 The bigger they are, the harder they fall UpToDate
4829 Xenoarchaeologist UpToDate
4830 For the Coalition UpToDate
4831 Viva la Revolution UpToDate
4832 Don't you die on me! UpToDate
4833 As good as new UpToDate
4834 Insurgency Outdated
4835 Not on my watch UpToDate
4836 No fun allowed UpToDate
4837 Getting clean UpToDate
4838 Nuclear blast survivor Outdated
4839 I am the cure UpToDate
4840 Poisoner UpToDate
4841 I am become death UpToDate
4842 Whatever works UpToDate
4843 Praise the Honkmother UpToDate
4844 Last man standing UpToDate
4845 The lone sailor UpToDate
4846 Gotta go fast UpToDate
4847 Smooth sailing UpToDate
4848 Where no man has gone before UpToDate
4849 This is fine. UpToDate
4851 The Cold Caverns UpToDate
4852 The Europan Ridge UpToDate
4853 The Hydrothermal Wastes UpToDate
4854 The Aphotic Plateau (Achievement) UpToDate
4855 The Great Sea (Achievement) UpToDate
4856 Novice seafarer UpToDate
4857 Experienced seafarer UpToDate
4858 Xenocide UpToDate
4859 Genocide UpToDate
4861 Freighter UpToDate
4862 Naval architect UpToDate
4863 Extravehicular activity UpToDate
4864 Here I recognize no superiors UpToDate
4865 I am the law UpToDate
4866 Ever increasing in speed and power UpToDate
4867 Truth in simplicity UpToDate
4868 According to ability and judgment UpToDate
4869 Do what you love UpToDate
4870 The end is the beginning UpToDate
4871 Underwater coffin UpToDate
4920 Shredder Chaingun Ammunition Box UpToDate
4925 Protein Bar UpToDate
4926 Energy Drink UpToDate Stub
4948 Shotgun Rubber Shell UpToDate
4956 Vending Machine UpToDate Stub
4971 Beacon Stations UpToDate Stub
Add more information about repair techniques.
4974 Text Display UpToDate
5053 Disposable Diving Suit UpToDate
5059 Medical Doctor's Uniforms UpToDate
5261 VIP Outfits UpToDate
5263 Random Events UpToDate Stub
Finish adding every event set and explanation of how events within a set are selected.
5270 Separatist Bandana UpToDate Stub
Add Media
5271 Separatist Helmet UpToDate
5272 Separatist Captain Hat UpToDate
5280 Campaign Settings UpToDate
5281 Starting Supplies Outdated
5312 Tumbling UpToDate
5314 Down with the Ship (Affliction) UpToDate
5315 Dashing UpToDate
5316 Beat Cop (Affliction) UpToDate
5317 Regenerating UpToDate
5318 Stonewall (Affliction) UpToDate
5330 Skyholder Artifact (Legacy) Legacy
5331 Thermal Artifact (Legacy) Legacy
5332 Faraday Artifact (Legacy) Legacy
5333 Nasonov Artifact (Legacy) Legacy
5334 Oxygenite Shard (Legacy) Legacy
5335 Sulphurite Shard (Legacy) Legacy
5336 Ancient Weapon (Legacy) Legacy
5337 Button (Legacy) Legacy
5346 Switch (Legacy) Legacy
5421 Implacable (Affliction) UpToDate
5444 Tandem Fire (Affliction) UpToDate
5445 Powerattacking UpToDate
5448 Endocrine Boost UpToDate
5450 In the Flow (Affliction) UpToDate
5451 Melodic Respite (Affliction) UpToDate
5452 Tinker Exhaustion UpToDate
5453 Skedaddle (Affliction) UpToDate
5454 Still Kicking (Affliction) UpToDate
5455 Clown Power UpToDate
5456 Soothing Sounds UpToDate
5457 Inspiring Tunes (Affliction) UpToDate
5458 Skillful Melodies UpToDate
5493 Metal Crate (Legacy) Legacy
5496 Camel Outdated Stub
5513 Explosive Crate (Legacy) Legacy
5516 Chemical Crate (Legacy) Legacy
5517 Steel Cabinet (Legacy) Legacy
5518 Railgun Shell Rack (Legacy) Legacy
5519 Medicine Cabinet (Legacy) Legacy
5520 Toxic Cabinet (Legacy) Legacy
5521 Oxygen Tank (Legacy) Legacy
5522 Oxygenite Tank (Legacy) Legacy
5523 Diving Mask (Legacy) Legacy
5524 Diving Suit (Legacy) Legacy
5525 Underwater Scooter (Legacy) Legacy
5539 Flak Cannon UpToDate Stub
add images.
5542 Spreader Flak Shells Box UpToDate Stub
can't display damage from direct hit of the main projectile
5543 Double Coilgun UpToDate Stub
Add images.
5546 Poison (Affliction Type) UpToDate
5556 Large Turret Hardpoint UpToDate Stub
Add media content.
5562 Focused Flak Shells Box UpToDate Stub
can't display damage from direct hit of the main projectile
5563 Explosive Flak Shells Box UpToDate Stub
can't display damage from direct hit of the main projectile
5564 Physicorium Flak Shells Box UpToDate Stub
can't display damage from direct hit of the main projectile
5585 Armor Mechanics Outdated
5586 Alien Turret Outdated Stub
Add page content.
5587 Alien Pump Unknown Outdated Stub
Add page content.
5645 Alien Hatch (Legacy) Legacy
5646 Alien Door (Legacy) Legacy
5647 Alien Motion Sensor (Legacy) Legacy
5648 Artifact Holder (Legacy) Legacy
5649 Door (Legacy) Legacy
5650 Windowed Door (Legacy) Legacy
5651 Hatch (Legacy) Legacy
5652 Docking Port (Legacy) Legacy
5653 Docking Hatch (Legacy) Legacy
5654 Duct Block (Legacy) Legacy
5655 Lamp (Legacy) Legacy
5656 Emergency Light (Legacy) Legacy
5657 Junction Box (Legacy) Legacy
5658 Battery (Legacy) Legacy
5659 Supercapacitor (Legacy) Legacy
5660 Charging Dock (Legacy) Legacy
5661 Wires (Legacy) Legacy
5668 FPGA Circuit (Legacy) Legacy
5669 And Component (Legacy) Legacy
5670 Adder Component (Legacy) Legacy
5671 Or Component (Legacy) Legacy
5672 Not Component (Legacy) Legacy
5673 Relay Component (Legacy) Legacy
5674 Delay Component (Legacy) Legacy
5675 Light Component (Legacy) Legacy
5676 Oxygen Detector (Legacy) Legacy
5677 Water Detector (Legacy) Legacy
5678 Motion Detector (Legacy) Legacy
5679 Signal Check Component (Legacy) Legacy
5680 RegEx Find Component (Legacy) Legacy
5681 Oscillator (Legacy) Legacy
5682 Wifi Component (Legacy) Legacy
5683 Emergency Siren (Legacy) Legacy
5684 Alarm Buzzer (Legacy) Legacy
5685 Camera (Legacy) Legacy
5686 Engine (Legacy) Legacy
5687 Shuttle Engine (Legacy) Legacy
5692 Cold Caverns Unknown Outdated Stub
Needs to be expanded
5695 Navigation Terminal (Legacy) Legacy
5696 Sonar Monitor (Legacy) Legacy
5697 Fabricator (Legacy) Legacy
5698 Deconstructor (Legacy) Legacy Stub
5699 Uranium Bar (Legacy) Legacy
5700 Copper Bar (Legacy) Legacy
5701 Polycarbonate Bar (Legacy) Legacy
5702 Incendium Bar (Legacy) Legacy
5703 Fulgurium Bar (Legacy) Legacy
5704 Captain's Cap (Legacy) Legacy
5705 Captain's Jacket (Legacy) Legacy
5706 Captain's Trousers (Legacy) Legacy
5707 Health Scanner HUD (Legacy) Legacy
5708 Doctor's Coat (Legacy) Legacy
5709 Doctor's Trousers (Legacy) Legacy
5729 Orange Jumpsuit (Legacy) Legacy
5736 Blue Jumpsuit (Legacy) Legacy
5737 Headset (Legacy) Legacy
5738 Clown Mask (Legacy) Legacy
5739 Clown Costume (Legacy) Legacy
5740 Body Armor (Legacy) Legacy
5741 Ballistic Helmet (Legacy) Legacy
5742 Handcuffs (Legacy) Legacy
5743 Ladder (Legacy) Legacy
5911 Ruin Vent UpToDate
5912 Alien Motion Sensor UpToDate
5913 Alien Coil UpToDate
5934 Alien Doors & Hatches UpToDate
5943 Docking Hatch & Port UpToDate
5945 Treacherous Assistant UpToDate
5946 Loyal Assistant (Affliction) UpToDate
5947 Journeyman (Affliction) UpToDate
5948 Journeyman (Captain) UpToDate
5949 Journeyman (Security Officer) UpToDate
5950 Journeyman (Medical Doctor) UpToDate
5951 Journeyman (Mechanic) UpToDate
5952 Journeyman (Engineer) UpToDate
5953 Picking Up the Slack UpToDate
5954 Revenge Squad UpToDate
5955 Steady Tune (Affliction) UpToDate
5956 Emergency Maneuvers (Affliction) UpToDate
5957 Ready to Draw UpToDate
5958 Lone Wolf (Affliction) UpToDate
5959 High Morale UpToDate
5960 Inspirational Leader (Affliction) UpToDate
5961 Inspiring Presence (Affliction) UpToDate
5962 Notice me UpToDate
5963 Excellent Morale UpToDate
5964 Deputy (Affliction) UpToDate
5965 Prodigy (Affliction) UpToDate
5966 Battle-ready UpToDate
5967 Trickle Down (Affliction) UpToDate
5970 Miracle In Progress UpToDate
5971 Medical Assistant UpToDate
5974 Gene Tampering (Affliction) UpToDate
5975 Emergency Response (Affliction) UpToDate
5976 Treacherous Scum UpToDate
5977 Emergency Response (Self Buff) UpToDate
5978 Loyal Assistant UpToDate
5979 Revenge Squad (Affliction) UpToDate
5980 Stayin' Alive (Affliction) UpToDate
5981 Quartermaster's Outfit UpToDate
5982 Melodic Respite (Charging) UpToDate
5984 Foolhardy (Affliction) UpToDate
5985 Berserker (Affliction) UpToDate
5986 Quickfixer (Affliction) UpToDate
5987 Commando (Affliction) UpToDate
5988 Inspirational Leader UpToDate
5989 Logistics Expert UpToDate
5990 Prodigy UpToDate
5991 Travelling Tradesman UpToDate
5992 Veteran UpToDate
5993 Emergency Maneuvers UpToDate
5994 Steady Tune UpToDate
5995 Deputy UpToDate
5996 Lone Wolf UpToDate
5997 Big Guns UpToDate
5998 Leading By Example Outdated
5999 Helmsman UpToDate
6000 Inspiring Presence UpToDate
6001 Trickle Down UpToDate
6002 Family UpToDate
6003 Buff UpToDate
6004 Protect and Serve UpToDate
6005 Swole UpToDate
6006 War Stories UpToDate
6007 Don't Push It UpToDate
6008 Weaponsmith UpToDate
6009 Boarding Party UpToDate
6010 Slayer UpToDate
6011 Daring Dolphin UpToDate
6012 Easy Turtle UpToDate
6013 Spec-Ops UpToDate
6014 Pacification Kit UpToDate
6015 Crusty Seaman UpToDate
6016 Inordinate Exsanguination UpToDate
6017 Rifleman UpToDate
6018 Commando UpToDate
6019 Extra Powder UpToDate
6020 Gun Runner UpToDate
6021 Example of Health UpToDate
6022 Health Insurance UpToDate
6023 La Resistance UpToDate
6024 Nobody Important Dies UpToDate
6025 Self-care UpToDate
6026 Stayin' Alive UpToDate
6027 Blood Donor UpToDate
6028 Medical Companion UpToDate
6029 No Pressure UpToDate
6030 Bloody Business UpToDate
6032 Gene Splicer (Talent) UpToDate
6033 Blackmarket Genes UpToDate
6034 Gene Tampering UpToDate
6035 Genetic Genius UpToDate
6036 Medical Expertise UpToDate
6037 Emergency Response UpToDate
6038 Medical Assistance UpToDate
6039 Vitamin Supplements UpToDate
6040 Miracle Worker UpToDate
6041 Plague Doctor UpToDate
6042 Delivery System UpToDate
6043 Lab Contacts UpToDate
6044 Super Soldiers UpToDate
6045 What a Stench! UpToDate
6046 Macrodosing UpToDate
6047 Egghead UpToDate
6048 Grounded UpToDate
6049 Junction Junkie UpToDate
6050 Station Engineer UpToDate
6051 Fun With Fission UpToDate
6052 Sample Collection UpToDate
6053 Submarine Of Things UpToDate
6054 Arms Race UpToDate
6055 Heavy Hitter UpToDate
6056 Weapon Artisan UpToDate
6057 Grid Maintainer UpToDate
6058 Unlimited Power UpToDate
6059 Better Than New UpToDate
6060 Lightning Wizard Outdated
6061 Unstoppable Curiosity UpToDate
6062 Buzzin' UpToDate
6063 Cruisin' UpToDate
6064 Danger Zone UpToDate
6065 Ballast Denizen UpToDate
6066 Engine Engineer UpToDate
6067 Machine Maniac UpToDate
6068 Multifunctional UpToDate
6069 Salvage Crew UpToDate
6070 Ironman UpToDate
6071 Modular Repairs UpToDate
6072 Oiled Machinery UpToDate
6073 Pump N Dump UpToDate
6074 Retrofit UpToDate
6075 Residual Waste UpToDate
6076 Tool Maintenance UpToDate
6077 Iron Storm UpToDate
6078 Quickfixer UpToDate
6079 Robotics UpToDate
6080 I Am That Guy UpToDate
6081 Heavy Lifting UpToDate
6082 Mudraptor Wrestler UpToDate
6083 Berserker UpToDate
6084 Foolhardy UpToDate
6085 MECHanic UpToDate
6086 Mailman UpToDate
6088 Peer Learning UpToDate
6089 HMG UpToDate
6090 The Waiting List UpToDate
6091 Non-Threatening UpToDate
6092 An Apple A Day UpToDate
6093 The Friends We Made UpToDate
6094 Journeyman UpToDate
6095 Logistics System UpToDate
6097 Enroll into Clown College UpToDate
6098 HMG Magazine UpToDate
6099 Chonky Honks UpToDate
6103 Rifle Round UpToDate
6104 Rifle UpToDate
6110 Velonaceps Calyx Eggs UpToDate
6112 Exosuit UpToDate
6113 Crew Chief's Outfit UpToDate
6114 Miner's Overalls UpToDate
6116 40mm Acid Grenade Outdated Stub
Improve information for the acid-emitter; also update once infobox supports acidburns
6118 Harpoon Coil-Rifle UpToDate
6120 Machine Pistol UpToDate
6122 Defense Bot UpToDate
6140 Arc Emitter UpToDate
6141 Scrap Cannon UpToDate
6142 Petraptor UpToDate Stub
Add In-Game Images, add in-game section
6148 Defense Bot Ammunition Rounds UpToDate
6150 Advanced Syringe Gun UpToDate
6158 Endworm Shell Fragment UpToDate
6162 Diver's Remains UpToDate
6167 Watcher Shell Fragment UpToDate
6168 Hammerhead Ribs UpToDate
6175 Clown Crate UpToDate
6191 Spineling's Spike UpToDate
6201 Makeshift Armor UpToDate
6202 Iron Helmet UpToDate
6227 Small Crawler Egg UpToDate
6229 Acid Burn UpToDate
6240 Heavy Wrench UpToDate
6245 Rum UpToDate
6262 Petraptor Egg UpToDate
6271 Alien Circuitry Outdated
6272 Moloch Bone UpToDate
6280 Ceremonial Sword UpToDate
6281 Acid Grenade Unknown Outdated Stub
Need to calculate acidmistemitter damage & add more content in general
6283 Vitamin Supplements (Affliction) UpToDate
6299 Security Officer Uniforms UpToDate
6312 Handheld Itemfinder UpToDate
6327 Makeshift Shelves UpToDate
6333 Riot Shield Outdated
6350 Separatist Costume UpToDate
6365 Salvaging an artifact UpToDate
6367 Wreck salvage UpToDate
6370 Killing Hammerheads UpToDate
6371 Killing a large Crawler UpToDate
6372 Killing a Moloch UpToDate
6373 Crawler Mother UpToDate
6374 Aggressive Hammerheads UpToDate
6375 Giant Spineling (Mission) UpToDate
6376 Terminate a Thresher Swarm UpToDate
6377 Terminate a Swarm UpToDate
6378 Terminate a Large Swarm UpToDate
6379 Terminate a Huge Swarm UpToDate
6380 Terminate a Squadron of Spinelings UpToDate
6381 Getting rid of Mudraptors UpToDate
6382 Hunting grounds UpToDate
6400 Sulphuric Acid Syringe UpToDate Stub
6401 Europabrew UpToDate Stub
6402 Acid Vulnerability UpToDate
6403 Explosive cargo UpToDate
6404 Chemical shipment UpToDate
6405 Biohazard UpToDate
6406 Handle with care UpToDate
6407 Praise the honkmother UpToDate
6408 Mining outpost material transport UpToDate
6409 Medical item transport UpToDate
6410 Activate Beacon UpToDate
6412 Outpost recovery UpToDate
6413 Outpost rescue UpToDate
6414 Outpost assassination UpToDate
6445 Destroy a Crawler nest UpToDate
6446 Destroy a Mudraptor nest UpToDate
6447 Destroy a Tiger Thresher nest UpToDate
6461 EMP (Affliction) UpToDate
6486 Marks UpToDate
6488 File: Amblygonite in the Wild 2.png Unknown Outdated
6518 Status Monitor (Legacy) Legacy
6519 Oxygen Generator (Legacy) Legacy
6521 Vent (Legacy) Legacy
6522 Pump (Legacy) Legacy
6523 Small Pump (Legacy) Legacy
6524 Mining Quartz UpToDate
6526 Mining Pyromorphite UpToDate
6527 Mining Diamond UpToDate
6528 Mining Galena UpToDate
6529 Mining Uranium Ore UpToDate
6530 Mining Triphylite UpToDate
6531 Mining Langbeinite UpToDate
6532 Mining minerals UpToDate
6533 Mining Thorianite UpToDate
6534 Mining Titanite UpToDate
6535 Abyss diving for Physicorium Bar UpToDate
6536 Abyss diving for Fulgurium Chunk UpToDate
6537 Search and destroy UpToDate
6540 Personnel Transport UpToDate
6541 VIP Transport Outdated
6542 Prisoner Transport UpToDate
6543 Terrorist Stakeout UpToDate
6544 Pirate Vessel UpToDate
6545 Stowaway Transport UpToDate
6546 Civilian Transport UpToDate
6561 Nuclear Reactor (Legacy) Legacy Stub
6570 Drunk (No Debuffs) UpToDate
6572 Recoil Stabilized UpToDate
6574 Psycho Clown (Affliction) UpToDate
6598 Slow Paralysis UpToDate
6605 Psychosis Immunity UpToDate
6618 Bleeding (Nonstop) UpToDate
6619 Fuel Rod (Legacy) Legacy
6620 Incendium Fuel Rod (Legacy) Legacy
6621 Safety not guaranteed UpToDate
6622 The Abyss Gazes Back UpToDate
6623 The King of Cling UpToDate
6624 Spinal Tapped UpToDate
6625 Kill it before it lays eggs! UpToDate
6626 Ascension Outdated
6627 The Grandest of Jesters UpToDate
6628 Top Brass UpToDate
6629 The Cream of the Crop UpToDate
6630 Force for the Forceless UpToDate
6631 Some men just want to watch the world burn UpToDate
6632 Heralds of the Tide UpToDate
6633 The Teacher of Nothing UpToDate
6634 Ruin Raider UpToDate
6635 Aggressive Archaeology UpToDate
6636 A light in the darkness UpToDate
6637 Knight in rusty armor UpToDate
6639 Bounty hunter (Achievement) UpToDate
6640 Unwanted guests UpToDate
6641 Pest control UpToDate
6642 Don't count them before they hatch UpToDate
6643 Amateur geologist Outdated
6711 Searchlight (Legacy) Legacy
6715 Fight the power UpToDate
6716 Resistance is futile UpToDate
6752 Kill Moping Jack UpToDate
6767 Medical Officer's Outfit UpToDate
6768 Researcher's Outfit UpToDate
6769 Outpost Security Uniform UpToDate
6770 Station Administrator's Outfit UpToDate
6771 Prisoner Outfit UpToDate
6879 Hallucinating (Short) UpToDate
6880 Slow Outdated
6881 Doom of Jove UpToDate
6882 Immunity to Husk Transformation UpToDate
6899 Disguised As Husk UpToDate
6900 Banana UpToDate
6905 Husk Symbiosis Outdated
6906 Commendations UpToDate
6907 Affiliation UpToDate
6908 Your Reputation... UpToDate
6909 Campaigning UpToDate
6910 Figurehead UpToDate
6911 Networking UpToDate
6923 Banana Peel UpToDate Stub
6925 Unique NPCs UpToDate Stub
Requires images of unique crewmembers.
6965 Arms Delivery UpToDate
7001 Coalition Personnel Transport UpToDate
7003 Separatist Transport UpToDate
7005 Cultist Transport UpToDate
7007 Clown Transport UpToDate
7009 Coalition Official Transport UpToDate
7011 Separatist Activist Transport UpToDate
7014 Captive Transport UpToDate
7017 Counter-Stakeout UpToDate
7020 Coalition Vessel UpToDate
7022 Coalition Ambush UpToDate
7024 Separatist Ambush UpToDate
7026 Jailbreak Outdated
7032 Tormsdale Report Outdated
7038 Find Jacov Subra UpToDate
7042 Keeper of Silence UpToDate
7044 Rescuing Subra UpToDate
7046 The Ultimate Jest UpToDate
7048 The Eye UpToDate
7052 The End Outdated
7055 Scan ruin Outdated
7060 Clear Ruin Outdated
7061 Funbringer 3000 UpToDate Stub
Add media, more info on cannon/honker blast, alt acquisition method
7086 Separatist Costume (Novice) UpToDate
7087 Separatist Costume (Hard) UpToDate
7088 Zealot Robes Outdated Stub
Add media
7089 Cultist Robes Outdated Stub
Add media
7093 The Three Metamorphoses UpToDate
7094 On Becoming a Herald of the Tide UpToDate
7095 Tormsdale Report (Item) UpToDate Stub
7096 The Nine Pillars of Fun (I-III) UpToDate
7097 The Nine Pillars of Fun (IV-VI) UpToDate
7098 The Nine Pillars of Fun (VII-IX) UpToDate
7099 40mm Mini Nuke UpToDate
7122 Dementonite Cymbals UpToDate Stub
7134 Molotov Cocktail UpToDate
7136 Common Misconceptions Outdated Stub
7154 File: BeaconStation2 AlienResearch.png Unknown Outdated
7159 Ritual Lantern UpToDate Stub
7168 Huskified Storage Container UpToDate
7182 Ancient Outdated
7227 Researcher Scribble UpToDate Stub
7228 Alien Translator UpToDate Stub
7230 Cyborg Worm UpToDate Stub
Damagemodifiers image, images
7276 Jove UpToDate Stub
Intro line, description, in-game, combat strategies, attacks, images.
7332 Mudraptor Unarmored UpToDate
7356 Electrician's Goggles UpToDate Stub
Add Description, Media
7385 File: All But Systematic Chaos.mp4 Unknown Outdated
7409 List of Config Files/serversettings.xml Unknown Outdated Stub
Preferably create Cargo table out of serversettings section (see console commands for example), as current page layout is hard to follow
7425 Bag It Up UpToDate
7427 Backpack Outdated Stub
Add Media
7430 Mystery Affliction UpToDate
7431 Deepdiver Duck UpToDate Stub
Add media content.
7454 Circuit Box Outdated Stub
Add media content and more information.
7463 Tasty Target UpToDate
7464 Mule UpToDate
7465 Starter Quest UpToDate
7466 Indentured Servitude UpToDate
7467 Jenga Master UpToDate
7470 Broken Diving Suit Outdated Stub
7482 Handle with extreme care UpToDate
7484 Structures Unknown Outdated Stub
Needs more info, better descriptions and images.
7486 Consumables UpToDate Stub
Needs more info and better desxriptions + consumables nav
7488 Creature Mass Unknown Outdated Stub
Lacks description about the subject and table data
7489 Game Mechanics Unknown Outdated Stub
Needs to be expanded
7490 Electrical Components Unknown Outdated Stub
Needs to be expanded
7497 Alien Items Unknown Outdated Stub
Needs to be expanded
7499 Environment Unknown Outdated Stub
Needs to be expanded
7500 Europan Ridge Unknown Outdated Stub
Needs to be expanded
7501 The Aphotic Plateau Unknown Outdated Stub
Needs to be expanded
7502 The Great Sea Unknown Outdated Stub
Needs to be expanded
7503 Hydrothermal Wastes Unknown Outdated Stub
Needs to be expanded
7506 Skill Books Unknown Outdated Stub
Needs to be expanded.
7508 Miscellaneous Items Unknown Outdated
redundant? it just points to the nav anyways
7516 Traitor Events UpToDate
Mission sections generated from game data; describe missions and clarify/remove erroneous steps
7518 Traitor Items Unknown Outdated Stub
Expand the page
7519 Husk Figurine UpToDate Stub
Add media content.
7520 Cultist Robes (Faulty) UpToDate Stub
Add media
7521 Husk Caller UpToDate Stub
Expand the page. Add media content.
7522 Duffel Bag (Traitor) UpToDate
7523 Ticking Time Bomb (Powered) UpToDate Stub
Expand the page.
7524 Ticking Time Bomb (Exposed) UpToDate Stub
Expand the page.
7525 Ticking Time Bomb UpToDate Stub
Expand the page.
7526 Blood Sample Vial UpToDate Stub
Expand the page.
7527 ID Card (Sootman) UpToDate Stub
Expand the page.
7528 Modified Dirty Bomb UpToDate Stub
Expand the page.
7529 C-4 Block (VIP) UpToDate Stub
Expand the page.
7530 Radio Jammer UpToDate Stub
Expand the page.
7531 Party Banner UpToDate Stub
Expand the page.
7532 Diving Knife (Murder Mystery) UpToDate Stub
Expand the page.
7533 Screwdriver (Murder Mystery) UpToDate Stub
Expand the page.
7534 Wrench (Murder Mystery) UpToDate Stub
Expand the page.
7535 Coilgun Ammunition Box (Blanks) UpToDate Stub
Expand the page.
7536 Velonaceps Calyx Eggs (Infect) UpToDate Stub
Expand the page.
7537 Velonaceps Calyx Eggs (Harmless) UpToDate Stub
Expand the page.
7538 Husk Roulette Participation UpToDate
7653 Camaraderie (Affliction) UpToDate
7655 Station Engineer (Affliction) UpToDate
7657 Salvage Crew (Affliction) UpToDate
7659 Infected Wound UpToDate
7667 Alcohol Sensitivity UpToDate
7668 Stabilozine (Affliction) UpToDate
7669 Adrenaline Rush UpToDate
7670 Mantis Camouflage UpToDate
7714 Legacy Submarines Outdated
7723 Human (Legacy) Legacy
7724 Tiger Thresher (Legacy) Legacy
7725 Railgun (Legacy) UpToDate Stub
Add images.
7737 Steam Cannon Fractal Guardian UpToDate Stub
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Better Than New

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Nobody Important Dies


Stayin' Alive

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Don't Die on Me!

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No Pressure
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Creating mods

XML and how Barotrauma uses it

Content packages (Content types)


Installing mods

Publishing to Steam Workshop