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Each crew member is assigned a different job. This job determines how well they excel at certain fields, in addition to giving them unique ID Cards and starting equipment. New crew members are able to be hired from the Crew Management at any Outpost. The price and availability of people in each field can vary.

Each job is given a range of how good they are certain skills. These can vary as well.

Captain Job Icon.png Captain

Naval visionary, seafarer, a genius. Possibly.

The captain is responsible for commanding the rest of the crew and trying to keep everything running smoothly. The captain's ID card provides access to anywhere in the submarine, excluding the personal cabins of the crew. There can only be a maximum of one captain per-ship.


  • Steering the ship
  • Delegating


Starting Equipment

The Captain has 3 sub-job item sets:


"A veteran of Europan seas, this captain either inspires loyalty in their crew or keeps them in line by force."


"Renegade captains are a thorn in the establishment's side. They use a combination of daring and aggressive maneuvers to keep the Coalition off balance."


"Captains of the Coalition adhere to a strict set of rules. That doesn't stop them from coming up with new innovations to hunt down their enemies."

Engineer Job Icon.png Engineer

The one who harnesses the power of nature.

Engineers have above-average construction and mechanic skills, but fixing complex mechanical devices is still usually out of their skill set. They are competent at fixing electrical devices however, and are the ones to turn to when the power grid starts failing.


  • Electrical item maintenance
  • Operating the reactor


Starting Equipment

The Engineer has 2 sub-job item sets:

Nuclear engineer

"Nuclear engineers are in charge of the sub's reactor. Occupational hazards require them to wear some protective gear against radiation."

Electrical engineer

"The submarine's fickle electrical systems need constant maintenance. The dubious honor of replacing fuses, hooking up devices with power and taking numerous electric shocks falls to electrical engineers."

Mechanic Job Icon.png Mechanic

Glue, duct tape and your nerve are the only things keeping the crew alive.

Mechanics have high construction and mechanic skills. They can use Welding Tools and Plasma Cutters safely, and are usually the only ones who can fix broken mechanical devices.


  • Maintenance of machinery
  • Repairing leaks


Starting Equipment

The Mechanic has 2 sub-job item sets:


"A mechanic's primary job in Europa is to plug leaks wherever they appear. These guys are trained to keep the hull, devices and equipment in shape."


"A mechanic variant that specializes in making art (and supplies) out of crude materials."

Security Officer Job Icon.png Security Officer

Security Officer.png
The backbone of violence.

Security Officers are responsible for keeping the submarine safe from threats, both external and internal. They're adapted to their jobs with their Security Gear. There can only be a maximum of two officers per-ship.


  • Keeping the order
  • Repelling intruders


Starting Equipment

The Security Officer has 3 sub-job item sets:


"Commandos are a special breed of security officer. They only have a single purpose: destroy the enemy, whether it's at range or mano a mano."


"These peacekeepers are dedicated to keeping the peace at any cost. Preferably but not necessarily using non-lethal force."


"Submarine gunners are trained not only to shoot accurately with coil and railguns but also to keep them in working condition."

Medical Doctor Job Icon.png Medical Doctor

Medical Doctor.png
Maintaining the key resource: the people.

Medical Doctors are capable of creating various drugs using the Medical Fabricator, as well as diagnosing and treating the myriad afflictions that hinder the crew. In multiplayer, there can only be two doctors per-ship.


  • First aid
  • Poisons and antidotes


Starting Equipment

The Medical Doctor has 2 sub-job item sets:

First responder

"Administering first aid often requires venturing into dangerous areas. These front-line medics have gear that offers them some protection against monsters and guns, while not compromising their mobility."


"These doctors are prepared to treat most, if not all, injuries that threaten the crew on lengthy trips underwater."

Assistant Job Icon.png Assistant


Assistants don't have any specific responsibilities or areas of expertise, but gain experience 25% faster for all skills.

This job is intended for newcomers to the game, as it allows them to play the game without giving them an important field to work in.


Starting Equipment