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Genetic Materials

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Research Station

The Research Station is used to identify the effects of Unidentified Genetic Material and improve the effects of identified Genetic Material.
Unidentified Genetic Material can be placed into the Research Station along with Stabilozine to reveal its effect and strength.
Alternatively, two Genetic Material can be inserted to refine or combine them.
Refining and combining have a chance to taint the resulting Genetic Material, with the chance increasing based on the strength of the splice.
If two splices of the same type are used the result will be a higher strength splice.
If the splices are of different types they will be combined into one splice with both effects, although this has a higher chance of tainting it. Attempting to add a third effect to a spice will not work, putting one splice into the output slot and dropping the other on the floor below.

Unidentified Genetic Material Unidentified Genetic Material.png

A mass of alien genetic material. Use a research station to identify the material and to process it into something that can be inserted into a gene splicer.

Unidentified Genetic Material spawns naturally inside alien ruins in Incubation Bubbles; blue ellipsoid containers with tubes that can be found in various rooms. It can also rarely spawn inside of containers in wrecks.
With the Gene Harvester talent, looting a dead creature has a 35% chance of spawning Unidentified Genetic Material.
Unidentified Genetic Material must be refined at a Research Station before it can be used in a Gene Splicer or Advanced Gene Splicer.

Quality of the researched genetic material is not influenced by medical skill. Instead, unidentified genetic material comes in three different tiers, each with different possible gene strengths when researched, depending on the rarity.

Item Rarity Strength Range
Tier 1 10% - 20%
Tier 2 20% - 40%
Tier 3 30% - 60%

It is not possible to know which tier unidentified genetic material is until it is researched.


Gene Type Effect Refinable
Crawler Increases swimming speed by [10-50]% Yes
Mudraptor Causes the subject to grow a mudraptor-like beak, which can be used to attack enemies and break doors with the [Creature Attack] key No
Moloch Increases resistance to physical damage by [10-25]% Yes
Mantis Increases movement speed on land by [10-25]% Yes
Tiger Thresher Decreases the subject's oxygen consumption by [20-100]% Yes
Hammerhead Allows the subject to to do [20-100]% more damage with melee weapons Yes
Hammerhead Matriarch Makes the subject's physical injuries heal at a rate of [6-45]% per minute Yes
Spineling Causes the subject to grow spineling-like bony protrusions out of their back, which can be shot out with the [Creature Attack] key. No
Husk Prevents Affliction Husk Infection.png Husk Infection s from advancing to the point where they take control of their host No
Mollusc Receiving physical damage makes the subject gain [2-10]% Affliction Vigor.png Vigor Yes
Skitter Receiving physical damage makes the subject gain [2-10]% Affliction Haste.png Haste Yes
Hunter Receiving physical damage makes the subject gain a [75-150]% boost to melee weapon damage Yes
  • Thresher genes at 100% condition still consume oxygen tanks, although characters will not gain the Oxygen Low affliction while conscious. If a character is unconscious, they will gain Oxygen Low like normal.
  • Thresher genes leave you resistant but not immune to welding fuel in a diving mask.
  • Husk genes do not prevent a full husk infection from removing the ability to use voice chat, text chat and Orders.
  • Mollusc, Skitter & Hunter genes are not triggered from self-damage by Flamers or Prototype Steam Cannons.
  • Mudraptor, Spineling & Husk genes work the same irrespective of their condition.
  • The description of Hunter Genes does not cite the correct increase in melee damage. The description ranges from 20%-100% increase, however the true increase ranges from 75%-150%.

Tainted Genes

Refining Genetic Material has a chance to taint it. Taint chance is mostly based on Medical skill. This adds a negative effect to the tainted splice, in addition to the effects it had before. It is not possible to further combine a tainted gene.

Effect Name Description Effects
Tunnel Vision Subject's eyes are sensitive to light. Blurs and distorts the screen
Rigid Joints Subject's joints are stiff and moving is more difficult. Move [15-45]% slower
Hypersensitivity Subject's skin is sore and more sensitive to touch. Take [25-75]% more damage
Xenobiology Subject's organs are resistant to traditional medicine. Affected by medicine [25-66]% less
Outside Influence Subject hears unintelligible voices inside their head. Affliction Psychosis.png Psychosis
Glass Jaw Subject suffers from longer periods of unconsciousness when knocked out. [25-75]% less Affliction Stun.png Stun resistance
Decrepify Subject's endurance is decreased. Reduces Vitality by [10-25]%
Muscular Dystrophy Subject suffers from decreased muscle mass. Do [10-50]% less melee damage
Inflamed Lung Subject has an adverse reaction to oxygen. [0-50] Vitality reduction; increases over time.
Can be reduced with Affliction Oxygen Low.png Oxygen Low > 10

Related Talents

Talent Tier Description
Talent Gene Therapist.png
Gene Therapist
Medical Doctor Job Icon.pngMedical Doctor
Scientist Tier 1
Refining Genetic Materials adds an additional 10% potency.
Medical Items you apply are 25% more potent.
Talent Research Grant.png
Research Grant
Medical Doctor Job Icon.pngMedical Doctor
Scientist Tier 2
Unlock recipe: Pressure Stabilizer.png Pressure Stabilizer.
Whenever you refine or combine genetic items, gain 300 marks.
Talent Gene Harvester.png
Gene Harvester
Medical Doctor Job Icon.pngMedical Doctor
Scientist Tier 3
When you or another crewmember kills a monster while outside your submarine, you have a 35% chance of finding a random Genetic Material on it.
Talent Genetic Stability.png
Genetic Stability
Medical Doctor Job Icon.pngMedical Doctor
Scientist Tier 3
Combining different types of Genetic Materials is 50% less likely to taint the materials.
Gain a bonus of 15 to all skills.
Talent Advanced Splicing.png
Advanced Splicing
Medical Doctor Job Icon.pngMedical Doctor
Scientist Tier 4
Unlock recipe: Advanced Gene Splicer.png Advanced Gene Splicer.
Whenever you or another crewmember combines or refines Genetic Materials, gain 125 experience and a bonus of 5 to Medical.
This talent can only give up to 100 skill bonus.
This bonus is lost on death.


  • When spawning in genetic materials, the tag "unrefined genetic material" will always spawn material which refines into Mudraptor Genes. To spawn specific genetic materials which refine into a specific creature's genes, use: "spawnitem "geneticmaterial[speciesname here]_unresearched" [inventory]". For example: spawnitem "geneticmaterialhusk_unresearched" inventory.
    • Some creatures, like the Tiger Thresher, use shortened tags. If the desired genetic material's name uses two words, try to remove one of the words from the spawn command. For example: spawnitem "geneticmaterialthresher_unresearched" inventory.

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