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Marks (mk) are the main form of currency in the Campaign mode.


Marks can be earned by completing Missions, the amount received being listed as a reward, and by selling items. They can also be earned during some Events.


Marks can be spent at Outposts on items, Submarine Upgrades, healing or hiring crew members and more - Each at the respective merchant.


Salaries can be set to give each crew member a chosen percentage of earnings after every mission, which are sent to their wallets.

  • Marks stored in wallets can be spent without any permissions.
  • Notably, all marks held in the wallet are lost on death. They can be deposited into the Bank to keep them safe.

Permissions can be given to chosen crew members to allow them to sell items, use Marks stored in the bank and more.

Permission Description
ManageCampaign Same as giving ManageMoney, SellInventoryItems, SellSubItems, ManageMap, and ManageHires permissions.
ManageMoney Allows players to take money from the bank without needing a vote, set salaries, and take money from other player's wallets.
SellInventoryItems Allows players to sell items to shops from their inventories.
SellSubItems Allows players to sell items to shops directly from the submarine.
ManageHires Allows players to hire and fire NPC crew member.
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