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Disambig.png This article is about the Game Mechanic. For the Affliction, see Oxygen Low.

Oxygen is a mechanic. A few Creatures, like Humans, require Oxygen to breathe. Oxygen breathers that do not get enough Oxygen will suffocate and experience Affliction Oxygen Low.png Oxygen Low , leading to unconsciousness and eventually death.


Oxygen breathers require 700 Oxygen every second, or they will start suffocating.

There are two sources of Oxygen: the Oxygen Generator (which can be used to fill up Oxygen Tanks, or rooms via Vents), and Oxygenite Shards.

Sources of Oxygen

Hulls in submarines and other structures contain Oxygen. They hold as much Oxygen as they have volume. Oxygen can flow from room to room via Gaps: Doors, Hatches, Ducts, and damaged walls.


Oxygen Generators provide 100x their generated oxygen every second, split between all of their linked Vents, proportionate to the room sizes.

Machine Effects
Oxygen Generator.png Oxygen Generator Generates and distributes Oxygen to Vents, refills Oxygen Tanks
Vent.png Vent Outputs Oxygen from generators, doesn't work when submerged


Some items can provide Oxygen when an Oxygen Tank or other oxygen source attached.

Item Oxygen Supply Effect
Diving Mask icon.png Diving Mask Supplemental Oxygen to the wearer
Diving Suit icon.png Diving Suit Wearer exclusively breathes from Suit.
Combat Diving Suit.png Combat Diving Suit Wearer exclusively breathes from Suit.
Abyss Diving Suit.png Abyss Diving Suit Wearer exclusively breathes from Suit.
PUCS.png PUCS Wearer breathes from Suit if necessary.


The Tiger Thresher Genetic Mutation can reduce or completely eliminate oxygen consumption for the mutant.

Oxygenite Shard.png Oxygenite Shards generates 5000 Oxygen when exposed to the air. However, they also explode violently on impacts, and thus are not safe sources of long term Oxygen.

Sky Alien Artifact.png Sky Alien Artifact sucks Oxygen out of the room it's in at a rate of 50 000 per second.

Fire.png Fire rapidly consumes Oxygen in a room, scaling with the size of the fire.


Main article: CPR

In an emergency, CPR may be performed on a downed character to reduce their Oxygen Low affliction. It does not give the recipient oxygen, so they will still need an external source of oxygen.