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Plasma Cutter

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Cuts through various materials using a jet of ionized oxygen.
Quality Bonuses +10% Hull Damage
+10% Deattach Time Reduction
Severance chance 0.5%
Ballast Flora Damage
Fuel Oxygen Tank
Oxygenite Tank
Fuel Capacity 1 fuel tank
Skill Requirements
Skill Requirements
Handicap Slower Cutting Speed ~45% (0% → ~45%)
Skill: Mechanical: 30
Steel Bar (x2)
Plastic (x2)
Fabrication time 20s
Deconstructor Yield
Base Price 150 mk
OutpostOutpost Buy Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation 150 mk 45 mk
ColonyColony 150 mk 45 mk
Research OutpostResearch 187 mk 56 mk
Military OutpostMilitary 187 mk 56 mk
Mining OutpostMining 135 mk 40 mk
Medical MerchantMedical Merchant N/A 45 mk
Engineer MerchantEngineer Merchant 135 mk 40 mk
Armory MerchantArmory Merchant N/A 45 mk
Children of The HonkmotherClown Merchant N/A 45 mk
The Church of HuskHusk Merchant N/A 45 mk
Identifier plasmacutter
Categories Equipment
Tags smallitem, cuttingequipment, tool, mountableweapon

The Plasma Cutter is a destructive tool that can be used in Barotrauma.


Using compressed oxygen from an Oxygen Tank or Oxygenite Tank, Plasma Cutters are able to slice through structures, such as platforms, walls and windows. They can also un-seal any Doors that were sealed with a Welding Tool. They are also used for harvesting Minerals from cave walls.

As they can also cut through alien walls, they are essential for artifact missions.

Structures being affected by the Plasma Cutter display a colored health bar, reflecting the condition of the structure. Green indicates good condition, while red indicates poor condition. When the structure is about to break, the health bar will fade out.

While in use the tank will slowly deplete, and its the current condition is displayed under the tool in the player's hotbar.

Plasma Cutters can also injure other players and creatures with minor Burns, so it is advised that others keep some distance from anyone using the tool.

If equipped with a Welding Fuel Tank or Incendium Fuel Tank instead of an oxygen source, the Plasma Cutter will abruptly explode after 1 second of use, dealing heavy damage to the user and the surrounding area.

Quality will affect structure damage dealt, but not door opening speed.


The Plasma Cutter is held with both hands. As with all weapons and tools, using it is done by holding the Right Mouse Right-click to take aim, then by Left Mouse Left-clicking to shoot/use.

  • It can be used to detach Minerals from walls, which takes 4 seconds by default.
    • The rate at which minerals are detached can change depending on Mechanical skill and talents.
    • While harvesting minerals, lining up the flame on multiple crystals will affect all of them.
Fuel type Afflictions on Hit Fuel Duration Hull repairs (50 Skill)
Oxygen Tank Burn: 4/s 1m 40s -15/s
Oxygenite Tank Burn: 4/s 3m 20s -15/s

Explosion Values

Explosion Range (m)
Explosion Afflictions
Welding Fuel Tank
Burn (25)*
Stun (5)*
Incendium Fuel Tank
Burn (100)*
Stun (10)*

Related Talents

Talent Tree Description

ID: miner
Spec. 1
Whenever you deconstruct an ore, you have a 20% chance to gain double the output. Detach ores 100% faster with cutters.