Hardened Wrench

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Hardened Wrench
Dementonite Wrench.png
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A wrench that has gone through a process of hardening using depleted fuel. The strengthened material allows for more efficient repairs and heavier swings.
Type Tool, Talent Item
Attack Speed 0.77
Armor penetration 25%
Structure damage 2

Deconstructor Yield
OutpostOutpost Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation 128 mk
ColonyColony 115 mk
Research OutpostResearch 160 mk
Military OutpostMilitary 160 mk
Mining OutpostMining 128 mk

The Hardened Wrench is a basic tool. It is a variant of the Wrench.png Wrench, and repairs 25% faster.


The Hardened Wrench is primarily used to perform mechanical repairs on installations which require them.

It is also used to detach certain devices from walls, such as Wiring Components.png Wiring Components or Button.png Buttons.

It can also be used as a blunt weapon. It only inflicts light damage, albeit twice that of the regular Wrench, as well as an added 25% Armor Penetration and a light Radiation Sickness effect.


  • Repairing installations - Press the "Use" keybind (E by default) on an installation to open the repair GUI and start repairing.
  • Detaching items - Press the "Use" keybind (E by default) on an item to start detaching it.
  • Attacking - Hold the "Aim" keybind (Right by default) to ready the wrench for an attack, then press the "Shoot" keybind (Left by default) to swing it.

Related Talents

Talent Tier Description
Talent strengthened alloys.png
Strengthened Alloys
Engineer Job Icon.pngEngineer
Weapons Engineer Tier 2
Unlock recipes: Hardened Wrench.png Hardened Wrench, Hardened Screwdriver.png Hardened Screwdriver, Hardened Crowbar.png Hardened Crowbar, Hardened Diving Knife.png Hardened Diving Knife.
Gain a bonus of 20 to Mechanical Engineering.

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