Dementonite Screwdriver

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Dementonite Screwdriver
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Inventory icon.

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Fabricated from the poorly understood alien material dementonite. Holding it evokes a strange sense of unease.
Type Tool, Talent Item
Affliction Lacerations.png Lacerations (7.5)*
Affliction Psychosis.png Psychosis (5)*
Affliction Stun.png Stun (0.2)*
Attack Speed 1.42
Structure damage 2

Deconstructor Yield
OutpostOutpost Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation 168 mk
ColonyColony 151 mk
Research OutpostResearch 210 mk
Military OutpostMilitary 210 mk
Mining OutpostMining 168 mk

The Dementonite Screwdriver is a basic tool. It is a variant of the Screwdriver.png Screwdriver and repairs 40% faster than the screwdriver.


The Dementonite screwdriver's primary function is to perform electrical repairs on certain installations, namely Nuclear Reactors, Junction Boxes, Navigation Terminals, Sonar Monitors, Status Monitors, Batteries and Supercapacitors.

It can also be used on Connection Panels of any installation or electrical component to rewire them.

Lastly, it can be swung at enemies for a weak melee attack. The Dementonite variant is 42% faster than the regular Screwdriver, and almost twice as fast as the Hardened Screwdriver.png Hardened Screwdriver, though lacks the armor penetration of the latter.


Dementonite Screwdrivers are held with one hand. LeftLeft-clicking on an installation or electrical component with the tool equipped will open up its connection panel menu. Rewiring while below level 55 Electrical Engineering presents a risk of failure, which interrupts the rewiring and inflicts Affliction Burn.png Burn 5 and Affliction Stun.png Stun 5 sec. Pressing E on an installation in needs of repairs will start fixing it. Doing so while below level 55 Electrical Engineering will take longer.

Related Talents

Talent Tier Description
Talent artisan smith.png
Artisan Smith
Mechanic Job Icon.pngMechanic
Technician Tier 4
Unlock recipes: Dementonite Wrench.png Dementonite Wrench, Dementonite Crowbar.png Dementonite Crowbar, Dementonite Screwdriver.png Dementonite Screwdriver, Dementonite Diving Knife.png Dementonite Diving Knife.
Tools you fabricate are 1 higher quality.
Gain a bonus of 30 to Mechanical Engineering.

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