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Closes off section of the Submarine
Identifier door
Categories misc
Tags structure, logic

Closes off section of the Submarine
Identifier hatch
Categories misc
Tags structure, logic

Doors and hatches are installations allowing to close off sections of the submarine.


Most doors and hatches are assigned a button allowing anyone to open or close them, but some require clearance to be opened, which is provided by possessing the appropriate ID Card in one's inventory. Typically, the captain's command room and armory are protected this way.

Both prevent passage when closed, and are thus used to contain flooding and creatures in case of breach hulls, and to keep suspicious individuals out of sensitive areas. Closed doors can be forced open with a crowbar or destroyed with a Plasma Cutter to allow passage in emergency situations.

Doors and hatches can also be welded shut with a Welding Tool, in which case they can no longer be opened with external signals nor the Crowbar, and must be unwelded with a Plasma Cutter first. However, creatures damage welded doors at the same rate as non-welded doors.

Doors & Hatches Connection Panel

Connection Panel for Doors & Hatches
Hover over pins to see their descriptions.
Toggles Hatch/Door's state between open and closed on a non-zero signal
Sets the Hatch/Door's open or closed depending on the signal value (0 = closed, non-zero = open).
Sends a signal of 0 if the Hatch/Door is closed and 1 if the door is open.
Outputs the Hatch/Door's current condition. (0-100)
Requires: Screwdriver

Bot Logic

AI priority for door unlocking: linked, then wired, finally nearest controls.
AI bot door unlocking priority

When an AI waypoint is on a door it changes to a different icon, indicating the AI will try to unlock a door if it cannot pass that spot. To unlock the door (if needed) the bot will using any controls (buttons, switches, levers, etc) nearby

  1. Controls that are linked with the door itself (the connection will turn green in the sub editor)
  2. Controls that are wired to the set_state or toggle_state of the door
  3. Nearest controls
  4. (unverified) it will click a "door with buttons", with unknown priority (The door might count as the "nearest controls")

Properly setting down waypoints so they change into a "door waypoint", and linking the relevant controls can help the bot navigate complex wiring and airlocks.

Docking Hatch & Port

Main article: Docking Hatch

The Docking Hatch and Docking Port are an Installation used to dock two submarines together, or a submarine to an outpost.


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