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Status Monitor

Usable device for viewing a schematic of the sub as well as the status of each room.
Power Consumption 5 + 100 kW
Required Skill Electrical Engineering 55
Required Item Screwdriver
Identifier statusmonitor
Categories Machine
Tags command,statusmonitor

The Status Monitor is an installation in Barotrauma. It allows players to quickly ascertain the level of water present in each section of the submarine, making attempts to find and fix flooding much easier.


Using the Status Monitor will bring up an interface with 3 possible categories; General Status, Electrical View, and Item Finder.

General Status

The General Status tab displays an overview of each room's hull damage, water level and oxygen quality.

The current water level in a room is signified by the room filling up with the color blue, hull breaches will glow orange to red depending on damage, and the fill color of a room fading to red depicts the decreasing oxygen quality. Hovering over a room on will also display the name of the room, as well the exact water level and oxygen quality.

Certain rooms (ballasts, airlocks) may be bordered in blue instead of green to indicate that they are wet rooms. Additionally, smaller outlines will appear wherever there is a door or hatch, and job icons will indicate where certain crew members are located within the submarine.

The General Status tab also allows reporting damage/fires/flooding/intruder in specific rooms, the icons located at the bottom can be drag and dropped over a room to give the crew a HUD indicator to it.

Electrical View

The Electrical View tab displays an overview of the submarine's electrical grid and its condition.

It displays the location and condition of all Installations connected to the electrical grid. (Status Monitors, Batteries, Junction Boxes, Pumps, etc.)

Hovering over any of these icons will display extra information relevant to the installation, such as power consumption, durability, or remaining power.

Item Finder

The Item Finder tab shows a schematic view of the submarine with a search bar under it.

Typing the name of any item currently on the submarine will show every instance of that item and their location, however, items held by alive characters will not have their position displayed.

Connection Panel

Connection Panel for Status Monitor
Hover over pins to see their descriptions.
Connecting a power source to this input will supply the Status Monitor with power.
Connecting a water detector's signal output to this input will give the Status Monitor information about water level in area where detector is placed.
Connecting an oxygen detector’s signal output to this input will give the Status Monitor information about oxygen quality in area where detector is placed.
Outputs the current condition of the status monitor, from 0 to 100.
Requires: Screwdriver


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