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Pulse Laser

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Pulse Laser
Pulse Laser.png
ID: pulselaser
A large pulsed chemical laser attached to a turret, capable of firing intense beams of energy after charging up. Inflicts extreme burns on anything it hits.
Machine, Weapon 
Power Consumption 1400 kW 
Firerate 0.8 RPS
Pulse Laser Loader
Pulse Laser Loader.png
ID: pulselaserloader
Machine, Weapon 
Item Slots 1 Pulse Laser Ammunition slot 
Required Skill Mechanical Engineering 55
Required Item Wrench.png Wrench

The Pulse Laser is a Submarine Weapon in Barotrauma. Similar to other Submarine Weapons, it requires a loader to be linked to it for ammo. It is the only Turret to fire a raycast attack, instead of a projectile attack.


Pulse Lasers shoot lasers that deal burn damage to anything they hit, as well as some explosive and burn damage to enemies directly nearby.

  • It has a 1 second charge-up before each pulse and a 0.25s reload time after.

The Pulse laser is especially good for use with bots, as they possess perfect aim and will always hit the target with single laser (Tri-Laser Fuel is useless on them however, as they never consider extra beams when firing).


Like other Turrets, Periscopes are typically used to aim and fire Pulse Lasers. Firing Pulse Lasers draws power from their connected Supercapacitors, as well as ammunition from their linked loader. The position_in and trigger_in connectors in the connection panel must be wired to a Periscope's position_out and trigger_out connectors respectively.

Damage values

There are 2 types of Pulse Laser ammunition:
Standard: specialized for killing small or medium single target creatures.
Tri-Laser: specialized for spread-out crowds of creatures, as well as dealing close-range high damage on a single larger creature (such as Endworm once its armor has been broken).

ItemShots Afflictions Armor PenetrationStructure Damage Explosion Range
Pulse Laser Fuel Box.png
Pulse Laser Fuel Box
45 Affliction Burn.png Burn (80)*
Affliction Stun.png Stun (0.4s)*
Affliction Deep Tissue Injury.png Deep Tissue Injury (40)*
Affliction Burn.png Burn (20)*
0% Impact: 50
Explosion: 50
1.5 meters
Pulse Tri-Laser Fuel Box.png
Pulse Tri-Laser Fuel Box
29 Affliction Burn.png Burn (240)* (3x80)
Affliction Stun.png Stun (1.2s)* (3x0.4)
Affliction Deep Tissue Injury.png Deep Tissue Injury (120)* (3x40)
Affliction Burn.png Burn (60)* (3x20)
0% Impact: 90 (3x30)
Explosion: 90 (3x30)
1.5 meters


A list of submarines with this turret.

Connection panel

Connection Panel for Pulse Laser
Hover over pins to see their descriptions.
Connection Port.png
Connection Port.png
Connection Port.png
Connection Port.png
Connection Port.png
Power for firing the Pulse Laser.
Sets the firing angle of the Pulse Laser (0-360).
Fires the Pulse Laser when it receives a signal.
Toggles the state of the Pulse Laser's light.
Sets the state of the Pulse Laser's light.

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