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Affliction Stun.png
The patient is dazed and unresponsive.

Stun is a non-lethal affliction that renders the victim motionless while in effect. It forces the afflicted character into ragdoll mode, hides the inventory, and prevents communication. Stunned characters can be [G]rabbed by other players, and their inventory freely accessed.

Most commonly caused by a Stun Batons and Stun Guns, most attacks deal a momentary stun on impact.

Characters recover from stuns at a rate of 1% per second. Methamphetamine and Hyperzine increase recovery rate from stuns.

Larger creatures are more resistant to stuns.

Downed characters have 5% stun until they are recovered.

Stun Weapons

The following weapons have high stun effect.

Weapon Base Stun Duration
Stun Grenade icon.pngStun Grenade 25
Incendium Grenade icon.pngIncendium Grenade 25
Grenade Launcher.pngGrenade Launcher (40mm Stun Grenade.png40mm Stun Grenade) 15

Progressive Stun

Progressive Stun is a hidden affliction that slows and stuns. It is applied solely from stun guns.

0 - 99%: Increases by 10%/second, slows the victim by 20% - 70%

100%: Applies 100% Affliction Stun.pngIncremental Stun, removes all Progressive Stun

Weapon Progressive Stun
Stun Gun.pngStun Gun (Stun Gun Dart.pngStun Gun Dart) 1

Incremental Stun

Incremental Stun is a hidden affliction that slows and stuns. It is applied from Stun batons, Chloral Hydrate, and Stun Guns.

0 - 90%: 50% - 90% slow. Diminishes by 10%/second

90 - 100%: stuns while over 90%. Max 100%, diminishes by 1%/second

Weapon Incremental Stun
Stun Baton.pngStun Baton (Battery Cell.pngBattery Cell) 40
Stun Baton.pngStun Baton (Fulgurium Battery Cell.pngFulgurium Battery Cell) 55
Stun Gun.pngStun Gun (Stun Gun Dart.pngStun Gun Dart) (Delayed effect) 100*
Chloral Hydrate icon.pngChloral Hydrate (direct injection) 125 over 5 seconds
Syringe Gun.pngSyringe Gun (Chloral Hydrate icon.pngChloral Hydrate) 120 over 5 seconds

Stun Table

This table lists the duration of stuns on different creatures

NPC Stun Duration (Seconds)
Stun Grenade icon.pngStun Grenade Grenade Launcher.pngGrenade Launcher ( 40mm Stun Grenade)
Human.pngHumanoids 25 15
Crawler.pngCrawlers 22 22
Mudraptor.pngMudraptors 25 26
Tiger Thresher.pngTiger Threshers 25 10
Bone Thresher.pngBone Threshers 22 5
Hammerhead.pngHammerheads 25 5
Moloch.pngMolochs 25 0
Side Effects