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Weapons are items used to attack enemies.

Handheld Weapons

There are a variety of handheld weapons. They are broadly classified as melee or ranged weapons. Some tools like Screwdrivers, Crowbars, Wrenches can also be used as make-shift weapons.

Ranged Weapons

Main article: Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons are long ranged weapons. They tend to have ammunition associated with them.

Ranged Weapons
Revolver.pngRevolver SMG.pngSMG Riot Shotgun.pngRiot Shotgun
Grenade Launcher.pngGrenade Launcher Harpoon Gun.pngHarpoon Gun Stun Gun.pngStun Gun
Welding Tool.pngWelding Tool Plasma Cutter.pngPlasma Cutter Flamer.pngFlamer
Deadeye Carbine.pngDeadeye Carbine Boom Stick.pngBoom Stick Prototype Steam Cannon.pngPrototype Steam Cannon
Frag Grenade.pngFrag Grenade EMP Grenade.pngEMP Grenade Stun Grenade icon.pngStun Grenade Incendium Grenade icon.pngIncendium Grenade Oxygenite Shard.pngOxygenite Shard
Alien Pistol.pngAlien Pistol Ancient Weapon.pngAncient Weapon

Melee Weapons

Main article: Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons are short ranged weapons. Most tools can also be used as a weapon.

Melee Weapons
Diving Knife.pngDiving Knife Stun Baton.pngStun Baton Crowbar.pngCrowbar Wrench.pngWrench Screwdriver.pngScrewdriver
Toy Hammer.pngToy Hammer Storage Container.pngStorage Container Husk Stinger.pngHusk Stinger
Europan Handshake.pngEuropan Handshake

Submarine Weapons

Submarines usually armed with one or more Coilguns, Railguns, Depth Charge, and Electrical Discharge Coils. These are primarily used to eliminate threats before they enter the submarine.


Explosives can be weaponized by placing them in Depth Charge shells or Railgun Shells to enhance their payload, or placed in Detonators to detonate them remotely, or for some of them, simply thrown hard enough.

The Syringe Gun.pngSyringe Gun can be used to deliver Medical Items and Chemicals at a distance.

The Mudraptor Shell.pngMudraptor Shell is a held item that blocks attacks.


Weapon Spreadsheet