Alien Pistol

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The Alien Pistol is a weapon sometimes found in Alien Ruins. It is a one handed weapon powered by Alien Power Cells.

It shoots a small projectile that deals 1 Burn, inflicts 2 Psychosis, and 2 seconds of Stun. It makes a small (1.5m) explosion on hit which applies an additional 2 Psychosis. On a human target it deals about 15 burn and 5 Psychosis per hit.

The pistol can be fired 20 times with a full power cell.

It can be sold at outposts for a base price of 500 Marks.

Structure Damage
Projectile Speed
Alien Pistol Beam
Affliction Burn.pngBurn: Varies

Affliction Psychosis.pngPsychosis: Varies

Affliction Stun.pngStun: 2