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ID: Mudraptor


Sight: 1
Hearing: 1

Armor plates covering the body (see values in Defense section)







Walk speed

1.8 walk - 7 run

Swim speed

2.5 slow - 6.5 fast



Can Enter Submarine?


only 1 of the items marked with an asterisk * may drop at a time
Items Chance
Hydroxyapatite 100% (1/1)
Diver's Remains *
22.72% (1/4.4)
Mudraptor Shell *
4.54% (1/22)
Mudraptor Egg *
4.54% (1/22)

The Mudraptor is a creature from Barotrauma resembling a grotesque mix between a dinosaur and a shrimp. They are the second most common creature after Crawlers.


Mudraptors are agile creatures and are one of the few creatures capable of entering the Submarine. Mudraptors possess two strong legs which allow them to walk in a bipedal posture, and an extremely sharp beak capable of breaching a Submarine's hulls. They can easily kill Humans by mauling them to death. They have teal skin covered by many grey shells and tiny, almost vestigial hand-like appendages.


Mudraptors commonly appear in small groups of 1-3 individuals (depending on the difficulty) and will tend to stick together, breaching the Submarine and wreaking havoc together. They will target windows and Doors aggressively.

Due to their sharp beak, Mudraptors are extremely efficient at piercing Hulls and Doors and flooding the Submarine. Their size allows them to easily fit inside and run around the ship, making it difficult for players to run past them if they attempt to flee.

Mudraptors in the environment are hard to avoid, as they are aggressive towards light sources. This allows players to use Flares to distract them in a Cave. Additionally, utilizing a Decoy will draw the Mudraptors away from the submarine, allowing the captain to retreat from combat easily.

Combat Strategies

It is advised to take preventative measures when fighting Mudraptors, as they are significantly stronger than a player in land combat. Using a Coilgun with Piercing Ammunition Boxes is an incredibly effective method of neutralizing the threat before they get close to the sub, though it is important to note that Coilgun Ammunition Boxes are also viable. Alternatively, the Railgun is equally as effective although much slower. The Pulse Laser is the most expensive option, but is the quickest method.

If a player intends to fight a Mudraptor in close quarters combat, it is recommended to shoot their unprotected areas, like their legs and underside (which are easy targets as they are naturally exposed when they are walking). The best weapons for dealing with the Mudraptor's armor are ones with high stopping power, such as the Revolver or Shotgun. To maximize the chance of survival, it is recommended to dual-wield revolvers. It is important to aim for the head, as that is the weakest point of the Mudraptor if the armor is broken.

It is important to note that if all other options have been exhausted, a player can quickly kill a Mudraptor using Raptor Bane Extract; a refined plant extract which is lethal to Mudraptors. It can be fired from a Syringe Gun, which allows the player to maintain a safe distance. If none of the above strategies are viable for the current situation, Mudraptors can be killed using melee weapons such as the Crowbar or Boarding Axe, however this method is incredibly dangerous and not recommended in the early game. Onboard flooded submarines, Mudraptors can sustain near 100% stun uptime, resulting in unprepared or isolated humans being stunlocked to death.


Attack Target type Afflictions on hitContextStructure DamageItem DamageDurationCooldownKinetic Force
Jaw Any
 Bite Wounds (10)*
 Bleeding (10)* (75% chance)
 Stun (0.2)*
Inside 18 12 0.2s 1 30
Head Armor Any
 Bite Wounds (60)*
 Stun (3)*
Ground 60 40 0.3s 6 20
Water Attack Any
 Bite Wounds (30)*
 Bleeding (20)* (50% chance)
 Stun (0.5)*
Outside 60 40 0.3s 3 20
Right Foot Character
 Bite Wounds (10)*
 Bleeding (5)* (50% chance)
 Stun (1)*
Ground 0 0 1s 5 10



Limb Burn Bleeding Damage (all)Min
Severance Damage
Severance Chance
Head x 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 16 

(Head, Chest, Appendages, Tail, Back, Legs)

x 0.25 x 0 x 0.1 0.8 100%



  • The Mudraptor is the Steam Release replacement for the legacy Mantis.
  • Mudraptors are prone to getting stuck inside the Submarine, as they sometimes will breach into rooms without valid paths.
  • Mudraptors tend to gather in ruts and narrow spaces in submarines' hulls, causing significant collective damage to exterior walls in a small area.
  • The name Mudraptor was chosen by the community, its early instances were named as Manta.


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