Husked Crawler

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Husked Crawler

ID: Crawlerhusk


Sight: 0.5
Hearing: 1

Legs & Tail (see values in Defense section)





Poisons x 0.5
Walk speed

1 walk - 4 run

Swim speed

2.5 slow - 7 fast



Can Enter Submarine?


only 1 of the items marked with an asterisk * may drop at a time
Items Chance
Velonaceps Calyx Eggs Alien Blood 27% (1/3.7)
Husk Stinger
9% (1/11.1)

The Husked Crawler is a variant of the Crawler. It is able to inflict the Husk Infection on Humans.


Husked Crawlers are slower than their normal counterparts, however they possess the dangerous ability to inflict the husk infection to their victims. They look almost identical to normal crawlers, however their skin appears rotten and faded. Three stingers poke out of their mouth. They hunt in significantly larger packs compared to regular Crawlers, and are considerably larger threats.


Husked Crawlers can be hard to tell apart from normal ones, unlike Diver Husks, which makes the possibility of unknowingly encountering one very dangerous, especially while exploring wrecks or ruins.

Husked Crawlers lack any form of self-preservation, thus they will not run away from threats when their health is low or swim away when shot. Additionally, they do not eat bodies.

Like Husks, they have a constant health regeneration (1 hp/s).

Combat Strategies

Husked Crawlers are a serious threat in close quarters combat due to the risk of infection. It is recommended to neutralise any threat before they enter the Submarine by using either a Coilgun, Pulse Laser, or Railgun. Due to the relatively low Vitality, any ammo types can be used against them.

In the event that close quarters combat is unavoidable, a Shotgun, Autoshotgun, or SMG is recommended. If a player is confident in their timing and accuracy, a Boarding Axe aimed at the head can provide an opportunity to kill the Husked Crawler without getting bit. It is important to aim for the head as that is the first limb that the player would come into contact with in, as well as it being the weakest point of the Husked Crawler.


Attack Target type Afflictions on hitContextStructure DamageItem DamageDurationCooldownKinetic ForceNotes
Jaw Character
 Bite Wounds (3)*
 Husk Infection (2)* (50% chance)
 Bleeding (10)* (50% chance)
 Stun (0.1)* (50% chance)
Ground 0 0 0.25s 1 50 Heals the Husked Crawler of any Damage (all) by 2 per hit.
Jump Attack Character
 Bite Wounds (12)*
 Husk Infection (5)* (10% chance)
 Stun (1.5)*
Ground 0 0 0.5s 5 20
Water Attack Character
 Bite Wounds (12)*
 Husk Infection (5)* (50% chance)
 Bleeding (20)* (50% chance)
 Stun (0.25)*
Water 0 0 0.5s 3 20 Heals the Husked Crawler of any Damage (all) by 5 per hit.
Structure Attack Structure
 Stun (0.3)*
Any 35 10 0.5s 20



Limb Burn Damage (all)
Head x 1.5 x 1.5 
Legs & Tail x 0.75 x 0.75



  • The husked crawler can be manually created by infecting a normal crawler with the husk infection, however the crawler's body needs to be perfectly intact upon succumbing to the infection: if even a single piece of its tail was dismembered, the crawler will simply die.
  • Husked crawlers will prioritize attacking other crawlers over humans.


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