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ID: Balloon


Sight: 1
Hearing: 1








Walk speed

0.5 Walk - 1.2 Run

Swim speed

1.3 Slow - 3.6 Fast


If owner is attacked

Can Enter Submarine?


only 1 of the items marked with an asterisk * may drop at a time
Items Chance

The Cthulhu is a Pet.

Taking care of an onboard Pet is one of the activities to keep the crew occupied when it is not too busy.


The Cthulhu possesses an octopus-like head whose face is a mass of feelers, though its body is of a dragon with a pair of wings and a tail. This is the only Pet that floats by flapping its wings instead of undulating along the ground like other Pets' sluggish movement.

For Halloween, it holds a Jack-o'-Lantern Trick-or-Treat basket in its arm.

Unlike other Pets, the Cthulhu is mute, making no sounds whatsoever as it has no audio.


The Cthulhu has two inventory slots that can be accessed when alive and grabbed by the player. Any small items can be stored here, but they're mostly for the Pet Name Tag if the player wishes to name the Pet. If it dies, the body will splatter and any contents in its inventory will be destroyed.

It also has two kinds of hidden behaviors that the crew needs to pay attention to: Hunger and Happiness.


Every Pet needs to eat to relinquish their Hunger, which increases by 0.03% every second (maximum hunger reached in 3333 seconds or roughly 1 hour). At 30% Hunger, Pets become hungry and the Hunger icon will appear above their head to notify the crew that they need feeding. The player can feed them by dropping an appropriate food item on the ground and the tamed Creature will approach and consume it immediately. It stops requiring food when Hunger is below 30%.

There are four Pet Food types that Pets can consume: type 1, type 2, type 3, and monster food. Like the Psilotoad, the Cthulhu can only eat Pet Food type 2, and can eat corpses. However, Pet Food type 2 satiates only 10% Hunger, but still increases 5% Happiness, whilst a corpse only satiates 15% hunger and provides 10 happiness. Therefore, the Cthulhu requires a larger quantity of Food to fully sate its Hunger compared to other Pets.

Items that are classified as Pet Food type 2 include:

Due to the priority order of behaviors, the Cthulhu will prefer to protect its owner over eating food. This can lead to unintentional pet deaths as a distraught owner tries to feed their pet, unknowingly being the reason the pet refuses to eat. To prevent this, ensure the owner is at least 2 meters from the pet during feeding times.


The Happiness is the state of Pets that ensures the occurrence of high quality item production.

The Cthulhu's Happiness decreases by 0.035% every second (maximum duration of 2857 seconds or about 47 minutes) and can be increased by being fed or played with. There is a 6 second cooldown before the player can play with it again.

When Happiness is high enough and Hunger is below 30%, the Happy icon will appear above its head. But if Happiness is below 20%, regardless of Hunger rate, the Sad icon will appear instead.


When well-fed (0-30% Hunger), the Cthulhu will start producing some items, most commonly a pile of Poop. At 50% Happiness and beyond, it may produce the Dementonite Cluster. At 80% Happiness and beyond, there is a 30% chance it will lay the Strange Egg, which can be deconstructed for materials or used to hatch another Cthulhu. Other than that, it has no other unique items to produce like other Pets.

All produced items are dropped on the ground from the respective Pets, which can be harvested simply by picking them up.


The Cthulhu is typically peaceful, however it will attack any creature or human that deals 3 damage of any type to its owner.

Attack Target type Afflictions on hitContextDurationCooldownKinetic Force
Bite Character
 Bite Wounds (1)*
 Stun (0.1)*
Ground 0.5s 1 10


  • The Cthulhu is a reference to the short story The Call of Cthulhu created by American writer H. P. Lovecraft.
  • The internal name of the Cthulhu is "balloon".
  • The Cthulhu is one of the only creatures in the game without audio files. The only other creature like this is the Huskified Storage Container.


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