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ID: ethanol
Medical alcohol used as an ingredient in the manufacture of various medicines. Drinking while on duty is not advised.
Medical Item, Basic Chemical, Organic Crafting Material
Medical Usage
Desirable Medical Skill None
Affliction Psychosis Resistance.png Psychosis Resistance (600)*
Affliction Psychosis.png Psychosis (-20)* (starts after 10s)
Affliction Drunk.png Drunk (20)* (starts after 10s)
Affliction Nausea.png Nausea (20)* (starts after 20s)
Affliction Hallucinating.png Hallucinating (-20)* (starts after 10s)
Duration of the effects 10 seconds

Constructible? No
Deconstructible? No
OutpostOutpost Buy Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation 60 mk 15 mk
ColonyColony 54 mk 13 mk
Research OutpostResearch 54 mk 13 mk
Military OutpostMilitary 66 mk 16 mk
Mining OutpostMining 66 mk 16 mk

Ethanol is a "buff" item, and is an ingredient for several other Items.


10 seconds after usage, Ethanol increases Affliction Drunk.png Drunkenness and decreases Affliction Psychosis.png Psychosis and Affliction Hallucinating.png Hallucinating by 2 per second for 10 seconds.

20 seconds after usage, it will increase Affliction Nausea.png Nausea by 1 per second for 20 seconds.


Ethanol is classed as a Medical Item, and is used by applying it to any limb in the Health GUI.

It can be used to reduce Psychosis or hallucinating afflictions if Haloperidol is unavailable.

It should be used with caution, however, as high Drunkenness can knock out a human easily. 4 or more doses is usually enough to knock someone out, and while the Drunk affliction cannot reduce vitality any further than -100, being unconscious can lead to dying by Oxygen deprivation.

Ethanol cannot be loaded into a Syringe Gun.

Related Talents

Talent Tree Description
Talent Drunken Sailor.png
Drunken Sailor
ID: drunkensailor
Captain Job Icon.pngCaptain
Tier 3
Gain 25% physical damage resistance and 50% Affliction Stun.png Stun resistance while Affliction Drunk.png Drunk.
When you play a Harmonica.png Harmonica, a random ally on your current submarine has a 4% chance to gain a random skill point every second.


Deconstructor Items
Item Deconstruction Time Deconstruction Yield
Sea Yeast Shroom.png
Sea Yeast Shroom
Time.png 5 Ethanol.png Ethanol x3

Fabricator Items
Crafting Materials Crafting Talent, Skill, Time Item Deconstruction Time Deconstruction Yield
Aluminum.png Aluminum x2
Ethanol.png Ethanol
Mechanical 20
 Time.png 10
Welding Fuel Tank.png
Welding Fuel Tank
Time.png 10 Aluminum.png Aluminum 
Alternate recipe:
Welding Fuel Tank.png Welding Fuel Tank (empty)
Ethanol.png Ethanol
Mechanical 15
Time.png 5
  • Note that deconstructing Welding Fuel does not yield any ethanol, regardless of whether it is full or not.
Medical Fabricator Items
Crafting Materials Crafting Talent, Skill, Time Item Deconstruction Time Deconstruction Yield
Chlorine.png Chlorine (x2)
Ethanol.png Ethanol
Medical 50
 Time.png 90
Chloral Hydrate icon.png
Chloral Hydrate
Time.png 20 Chlorine.png Chlorine
Ethanol.png Ethanol
Dementonite Cluster.png Dementonite Bar
Ethanol.png Ethanol
(produces 2 items)
Medical 50
 Time.png 90
Deliriumine icon.png
Cannot be deconstructed
Morphine.png Morphine
Adrenaline.png Adrenaline
Ethanol.png Ethanol
Medical 50
 Time.png 45
Time.png 20 Opium.png Opium
Adrenaline.png Adrenaline
Ethanol.png Ethanol
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