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Vitality is the character's life pool. It is roughly representative of the durability of a character.

When a human reaches 0 overall vitality, they become unconscious and stop breathing. If they reach negative their max vitality, they die.

Influencing Vitality

Many Afflictions lower vitality, often inflicted through various Weapons or Chemicals. Afflictions are usually cured with other chemicals, Medical Items, or simply over time.

Vigor dampens the effect of vitality penalties, effectively multiplying character health.

When a human reaches 0 vitality, they become unconscious and stop breathing. Unconscious characters can be resuscitated by treating their wounds and successful CPR or another means of restoring oxygen flow. If they reach negative their max vitality, they die.


All creatures have limbs, each with their own vitality. Some limbs may take more damage than others. Humans take different Vitality damage based on what limb is hit.

2x Vitality decrease from Damage (Affliction Type).

2x Vitality decrease from Bleeding
Note that this does not increase the amount of Bloodloss that Bleeding causes, only the small amount of vitality loss that is caused by bleeding directly.
Arms & Legs:
0.5x Vitality decrease from Damage (Affliction Type).

A human has 6 limbs: Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right leg, the Torso, and the Head. Damage to the head is twice as effective as damage to the torso. Damage to the other limbs are half as effective. This only apply to Damage type wounds. For example, Burn damage will have equal scale on every limb.

Human Vitality

A human has a base of 100 or 110 Max Vitality, depending on their Job. This max can be increased via various talents, or decreased by receiving the Tainted gene debuff Decrepify.
All talents that add max vitality add it additively, and give additional maximum health based on the character's original max health. (for example a medic (110 base vitality) with Example of Health (+20% vitality) will gain 22 extra maximum vitality.)

Base Vitality by Job
Job Vitality
Captain 100
Electrical Engineer 100
Mechanical Engineer 100
Security 110
Medical Doctor 110
Assistant 100


Alien Creatures on Europa often have much more vitality than a human, up to 50000.

Creatures will die upon reaching 0 vitality and can not be resuscitated. The exception to this are Husks and Husked Humans, which have vitality mechanics identical to humans - they must reach -100% vitality to be killed.

Related Talents

Talent Tree Description

Example of Health
ID: exampleofhealth
Medical Doctor
Tier 1
Gain an additional 20% Maximum Health.

Vitamin Supplements
ID: vitaminsupplements
Medical Doctor
Spec. 3
Whenever you apply medicine to a friendly character, they gain 20% health until the end of the mission.

Gene Tampering
ID: genetampering
Medical Doctor
Spec. 3
All crew members gain 10% more health and move 5% faster.

ID: swole
Security Officer
Tier 1
Gain an additional 10% Maximum Health.
Gain an additional 25% Melee Power.

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