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Achievement Hidden Description

A gaze into the abyss
Take the submarine down to crush depth and survive.

A light in the darkness
Restore a run-down beacon station.

According to ability and judgment
Complete a round as a Medical Doctor.

Aggressive Archaeology
Complete a "clear alien ruin" -mission.

Amateur geologist
Complete a mining mission.

As good as new
Repair a broken device.

Become a perfect example of symbiotic harmony.

Bounty Hunter
Complete an "assassinate bandit leader" -mission.

Do what you love
Complete a round as an Assistant.

Don't count them before they hatch
Complete a "destroy monster nest" -mission.

Don't you die on me!
Heal someone back from a critical state by performing CPR.

Ever increasing in speed and power
Complete a round as an Electrical Engineer.

Experienced seafarer
Travel over 100 kilometers

Extravehicular activity
Venture 500 meters away from the sub.

Fight the power
Defeat a Coalition submarine in the campaign mode.

For the Coalition
Defeat the Separatists in a PvP submarine-vs-submarine mission.

Force for the Forceless
Bolster your crew by hiring a steadfast Separatist leader.

Complete a cargo mission.

Kill 100 humans.

Getting clean
Recover from an opiate addiction.

Gotta go fast
Accelerate a submarine to over 100 km/h.

Heralds of the Tide
Allow an enigmatic religious leader to assist your crew.

Here I recognize no superiors
Complete a round as a Captain.

I am become death
Kill something with nuclear explosives.

I am the cure
Cure a husk infection.

I am the law
Complete a round as a Security Officer.

Successfully complete a traitor objective.

Kill it before it lays eggs!
Kill a crawler Broodmother.

Killed a Moloch
Take down a Moloch.

Knight in rusty armor
Complete a "rescue hostages" -mission.

Last man standing
Complete a round alone after everyone else in the crew has perished.

Naval architect
Spend 24 hours in the submarine editor in total.

No fun allowed
Kill a clown.

Not on my watch
Take down a traitor before they manage to complete their objective.

Novice seafarer
Travel over 10 kilometers.

Nuclear blast survivor
Complete a round after a nuclear meltdown.

Pest control
Complete a "destroy monster-infested outpost" -mission.

Kill something with morbusine.

Praise the Honkmother
Obtain a full clown costume.

Resistance is futile
Defeat a Separatist submarine in the campaign mode.

Ruin Raider
Complete a "scan alien ruin" -mission.

Safety not guaranteed
Complete an escort mission.

Smooth sailing
Complete a round without any casualties or damage to the submarine.

Some men just want to watch the world burn
Enlist the services of an elusive explosives-expert.

Spinal Tapped
Kill a giant spineling

Stop the hammertime
Kill a Hammerhead.

The Abyss Gazes Back
Kill a Charybdis

The Aphotic Plateau
Discover the Aphotic Plateau

The bigger they are, the harder they fall
Kill an Endworm.

The Cold Caverns
Discover the Cold Caverns.

The Cream of the Crop
Employ the skills of a celebrity chef to your crew.

The end is the beginning
Finish the campaign

The Europan Ridge
Discover the Europan Ridge.

The Grandest of Jesters
Learn to laugh at the Grand Joke of the Universe.

The Great Sea
Discover the Great Sea.

The Hydrothermal Wastes
Discover the Hydrothermal Wastes.

The King of Cling
Kill a latcher

The lone sailor
Complete a round alone from start to finish.

The Teacher of Nothing
Accept the offer of a senior humorist to join your crew.

This is fine.
Face a complete and utter disaster.

Top Brass
Reinforce your crew with an eminent Coalition leader.

Truth in simplicity
Complete a round as a Mechanic.

Underwater coffin
Complete a wreck salvage mission

Unwanted guests
Complete a "destroy bandit outpost" -mission.

Viva la Revolution
Defeat the Coalition crew in a PvP submarine-vs-submarine mission.

Whatever works
Kill something with a plasma cutter, welding tool or a wrench.

Where no man has gone before
Descend below 5000 meters.

Complete an artifact mission.

Kill 100 creatures.
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