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Experience is gained by journeying through Europa, and can be used to pick Talents, powerful buffs that are unique to each Job.

Experience can be gained in three ways:

Experience per Talent Point

Required experience begins at 450 points for 1 talent, then increases by 500 experience for each point earned, as can be seen in the following table:

XP per level table
Total Required
1 450 450
2 950 1400
3 1450 2850
4 1950 4800
5 2450 7250
6 2950 10200
7 3450 13650
8 3950 17600
9 4450 22050
10 4950 27000
11 5450 32450
12 5950 38400
13 6450 44850
14 6950 51800
15 7450 59250
16 7950 67200
17 8450 75650
18 8950 84600
19 9450 94050
20 9950 104000
21 10450 114450
22 10950 125400
23 11450 136850
24 11950 148800


At the end of a level, all members of the crew will gain experience from any completed missions. Experience gain from completing missions depends on how much money the mission gives, and the difficulty of the level. Level missions - such as reactivating a beacon station or killing an abyss creature - give experience just the same as a mission from an outpost. Any bonus money earned from talents like Bounty Hunter does not count towards this base XP amount.

The formula for base experience gain is as follows: Experience = Money * 0.09 * (1 + (Level Diff. / 100))

Commendations & Medals

These are consumable items which give experience when used. Only the recipient of the medal receives the experience.

Commendations give 275 experience, while Medals give 550 experience.
These items are given to captains with the Commendations and Figurehead talents, or can be purchased from some outposts at level difficulties above 40 and 65 respectively.


Each Job has several Talents that can increase experience. Some talents give an instant experience boost, and others increase experience gained by a percentage amount.

Mission experience may be increased by the effects of talents. Talents like Camaraderie increase all mission experience, but talents like Logistics Expert only increase mission experience from their relevant missions.

Talent Tree Description

ID: mailman
Tier 1
Gain 25% bonus XP and 250 bonus money when completing a Cargo mission.

Playing Catchup
ID: playingcatchup
Tier 1
If you are 2 or more levels behind your most highest-leveled crewmember, gain an additional 100% mission experience.

Peer Learning
ID: peerlearning
Tier 2
When completing a mission, give the lowest level crew members 50% bonus XP.

Bounty Hunter
ID: bountyhunter
Tier 1
Gain 15% bonus XP and 15% bonus money when completing a Monster or Nest mission.

Logistics Expert
ID: logisticsexpert
Tier 1
Gain 20% bonus XP and 20% bonus money when completing a Cargo or Personnel Transport mission.

ID: camaraderie
Tier 2
While no crew member has died during a mission, gain 10% bonus XP and 5% Physical Damage Resistance.
The deaths of assistants do not count.

Junction Junkie
ID: junctionjunkie
Tier 1
Gain one-time rewards for repairing a certain amount of electrical devices:

- 30: Gain +10 Bonus Electrical Skill and +500 XP
- 50: Upgrades the submarine's junction boxes to level 1.
- 100: Permanently repair electrical devices +50% faster.

Station Engineer
ID: stationengineer
Tier 1
Gain 30% bonus XP when reactivating a Beacon Station.

Also gain +50% Repair Speed and +50% Hull Repair Speed while on a Beacon Station.

Machine Maniac
ID: machinemaniac
Tier 1
Gain one-time rewards for repairing a certain amount of mechanical devices:

- 30: Gain +10 Bonus Mechanical Skill and +500 XP
- 50: Upgrades the submarine's pumps to level 1.
- 100: Permanently repair mechanical devices +50% faster.

Salvage Crew
ID: salvagecrew
Tier 1
Gain 30% bonus XP when completing a Salvage mission.

Also gain +50% Swimming Speed and +10% Physical Damage Resistance while inside Wrecks.

Health Insurance
ID: healthinsurance
Medical Doctor
Tier 1
If your health has dropped below 30% during a mission, gain 100 mk.

Medical items can be bought 10% cheaper.

Nobody Important Dies
ID: nobodyimportantdies
Medical Doctor
Tier 1
Medical items you apply are +10% more potent when applied to non-assistants.

Treating assistants is 20% less effective.

Protect and Serve
ID: protectandserve
Security Officer
Tier 1
Gain 30% bonus XP and 100% more reputation when completing a Escort mission.

War Stories
ID: warstories
Security Officer
Tier 1
At the end of each round, if you killed any enemies, create a Art of Submarine Warfare in your inventory. Reading it gives Weapons skill to the reader; the skill gain is determined by the amount of enemies killed during the round.

ID: bootcamp
Security Officer
Tier 2
Gain an additional 50% experience, until you have obtained 5 talent points.

When you have 5 or more talent points, gain +15 Bonus Weapons Skill instead.

By the Book
ID: bythebook
Security Officer
Tier 2
Whenever you finish at least one mission, your crew gains an additional 1250 marks and 200 experience for each captured, live enemy human on board your ship, up to a maximum of 2500 marks and 400 experience.
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