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Traitors is a mode that randomly designates some players as Traitors in Multiplayer. A random Traitor Event will then be assigned to them after some warm up time.


The Traitors mode can be used in every Game Mode. It can be set on or off in the server lobby, with the option to choose the probability of 0-100% for Traitors to appear. This mode isn't active when there's only one player with no bot count even if toggled to Yes. Bots cannot be a Traitor, so if there's one player in the server with at least one bot count, the player will always be a Traitor.

If a traitor completes their objective successfully, they may get assigned a more dangerous objective on future rounds (up until the maximum defined danger level is reached). In the campaign mode it also gives the traitors rewards such as getting to "steal" a portion of the mission experience.

The players can vote which player they suspect as the traitor. At the end of the round, if at least half of the players have voted for the same player, that player will be accused as a traitor. If the accusation is correct, the traitor's objective will fail and they will receive no rewards. If the accusation is incorrect, the crew will receive a monetary penalty.

Players who haven't been traitors before/recently have a higher chance of getting selected as traitors.

Traitor Events

Main article: Traitor Events

There are many Traitor Events that may be assinged to Traitors. These Events task the Traitor with different objectives to either sabotage the Sub and the crew in various ways or assassinate appropriate targets, and often involve crafting and using Traitor Items.

Being a Traitor does not mean the player is encouraged to grief or mass murder everyone while not actually following the Mission's objectives. A Mission is considered a failure if the Traitor fails to complete a given goal when the crew reaches the next destination or if the Traitor dies before finishing their goal. There are certain Missions that are merely canceled with the Traitor still alive and not yet found out before reaching the next destination. When this happens, there will be a cooldown before the Traitor is assigned another Mission to continue sabotaging the crew. During this period, the Traitor is advised to blend in and stay low until the next Mission is assigned.


"You have failed in your mission. As a result, the mission has been canceled and you are now part of the crew. Keep a low profile until you are contacted again."

On the other hand, once the Traitor manages to complete all the objectives, even after they have been detained or regrettably died in the process, the Mission is still a success. Completing the Traitor Mission ends the round.

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