Crush Depth

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Last updated for version v0.15.13.0
The current game version is v0.17.15.0

A Submarine's Crush Depth is determined by two factors - the number of hull upgrades, and if its class is set to Deep Diver or not.

If a submarine ventures below crush depth, its walls begin to damage progressively and will eventually break too fast to be repaired.

The default crush depth value is 3500 meters. Hull upgrades give an additive bonus of 6% extra crush depth per upgrade level, and the Deep Diver class gives an additional bonus of 20% to the submarine's crush depth.

Therefore, the equation for a submarine's crush depth is 3500 * (1 + (upgradeLevel * 0.06)), or 3500 * (1.2 + (upgradeLevel * 0.06)) for a Deep Diver.

Below is a table listing the crush depths for normal and deep-diver class submarines based on the number of hull upgrades they have.

Hull Strength Upgrade level Submarine Class
Attack/Scout/Transport Deep Diver
Baseline 3500 m 4200 m
Level 1 3710 m 4410 m
Level 2 3920 m 4620 m
Level 3 4130 m 4830 m
Level 4 4340 m 5040 m
Level 5 4550 m 5250 m
Level 6 4760 m 5460 m
Level 7 4970 m 5670 m
Level 8 5180 m 5880 m
Level 9 5390 m 6090 m
Level 10 5600 m 6300 m

These numbers may be slightly off from their real in-game values due to floating point rounding errors.


The maximum allowed depths for humans with different gear/talents/afflictions are listed below. The highest depth value takes priority.

If humans descend below these depths without the proper gear, they will implode and die after a short delay.