Jovian Radiation

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Jovian Radiation is an optional Campaign mechanic which irradiates Europa over time. It travels in a slow wave, starting from the left.


Jovian Radiation displayed on the campaign map

Jovian Radiation starts 200 units to the left of the map, and advances by 40 units per step. Since the map is 8000 units long, the entire map width will be covered by radiation in 205 steps.[1]
1 step happens every 10 minutes of gameplay, with a minimum of 1 step per round and a maximum of 5 steps per round.[2] The location of the radiation's border only updates when changing levels.

If a Human or Creature is in radiation, it will be afflicted 0.05 Radiation Sickness per limb every 10 seconds, unless it is immune.
Since humans have 15 limbs, 0.75 Radiation Sickness will be applied every 10 seconds.

After an outpost is exposed to radiation for 10 rounds, it becomes an Abandoned Outpost.
Radiation will not destroy the last 3 outposts in the map.


  • Jovian Radiation was added in (Embrace the Abyss). It is meant to prevent farming resources in low difficulty levels by forcing players to move forward.
  • The radiation border's location in levels matches its location on the map.[3]