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Permissions are sets of rights to administrate a server. They are used to create ranks or can be attributed individually.

Permission Description
ManageRound Allows players to start and end rounds.
Kick Allows players to kick other players.
Ban Allows players to ban other players.
Unban Allows players to unban other players.
SelectSub Allows players to select the sub when the selection mode is on "Manual".
SelectMode Allows players to select the gamemode.
ManageCampaign Same as giving ManageMoney, SellInventoryItems, SellSubItems, ManageMap, and ManageHires permissions.
ConsoleCommands Allows players to use Console Commands. Permissions for individual console commands are also required.
ServerLog Allows players to read the server logs.
ManageSettings Allows players to change the server's settings.
ManagePermissions Allows players to change the permissions of other clients. Plays can only grant permissions that they already have.
KarmaImmunity Immunizes players against the effects of Karma.
ManageMoney Allows players to take money from the bank without needing a vote, set salaries, and take money from other player's wallets.
SellInventoryItems Allows players to sell items to shops from their inventories.
SellSubItems Allows players to sell items to shops directly from the submarine.
ManageMap Allows players to select missions and destinations on the campaign map.
ManageHires Allows players to hire and fire NPC crewmates.
ManageBotTalents Allows players to select talents for NPC crewmates.
All Grants players all permissions.
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