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A picture of the singleplayer "new game" menu.
A picture of the singleplayer "new game" menu.

Main Settings

Save Name

Self explanatory, the name of the campaign save.

Map Seed

The seed the game uses to generate the campaign map.

Selected Submarine

The starting submarine. The price of the submarine will be deducted from the Starting balance.
Submarines with a price greater than the starting balance will be unselectable.

Difficulty Settings

These settings can be accessed with the "Settings" button.


There are 3 difficulty presets to choose from—Easy, Normal, and Hard.

  • Easy
    • Enable tutorial: On
    • Enable Jovian radiation: Off
    • Starting supplies: High
    • Starting balance: High
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Max missions per round: 3
  • Normal
    • Enable tutorial: On
    • Enable Jovian radiation: Off
    • Starting supplies: Normal
    • Starting balance: Medium
    • Difficulty: Medium
    • Max missions per round: 2
  • Hard
    • Enable tutorial: Off
    • Enable Jovian radiation: Off
    • Starting supplies: Low
    • Starting balance: Low
    • Difficulty: Hard
    • Max missions per round: 1

Enable Tutorial

Main article: Jovian Radiation

Start the game in a tutorial outpost and learn the basics of navigating through the campaign mode!

Enables the campaign tutorial, which is only available in singleplayer.

Enable Jovian Radiation

Main article: Jovian Radiation

The radiation belts around Jupiter are slowly becoming more intense, forcing Europans to delve deeper below the moon's icy crust.
In practice, this feature slowly pushes you towards the more dangerous areas of the game, ensuring a gradual increase in difficulty.

Sets the Jovian Radiation mechanic on or off.

Starting Supplies

Main article: Starting Supplies

How many items will the selected submarine start with.

Sets the starting item set.

Starting Balance

How much money is received at the start of a campaign. Also effects which starting submarine can be bought.

Sets the starting balance—Low: 6,000 mk, Medium: 8,500 mk, High: 10,000 mk.
The price of the selected starter submarine will be subtracted from the starting balance, and one cannot be selected if it's price is higher than the base starting balance.


The difficulty setting affects how the level is generated and what kinds of random encounters you may face during the mission.
Expect more environmental hazards, larger numbers of creatures and more dangerous enemies on higher difficulty levels.

Sets the extra event manager difficulty and the level difficulty multiplier of the campaign.

  • Easy
    • -15 event manager difficulty
    • 60% level difficulty
  • Medium
    • +0 event manager difficulty
    • 100% level difficulty
  • Hard
    • +20 event manager difficulty
    • 160% level difficulty
  • Hellish
    • +60 event manager difficulty
    • 1000% level difficulty

The secret "Hellish" difficulty can be selected by pressing Shift and Left Mouse on the > button while the difficulty is set to "Hard".

Max Missions per Round

How many missions can be selected for a given round

Sets the limit on the number of missions that can be selected each round (1 - 10). Set to 2 by default.

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