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Orders are instructions used to direct the AI-controlled crew. While the crew will take initiatives on their own, orders help them react in more intelligent ways.


When using the Orders key on a crew member directly, or on their name top-left of the screen, any selected order will be given to them.
If the menu is opened by clicking anywhere else, a list of the crew may be displayed by right-clicking an order; left-clicking on a crew member will issue the order to them. When left-clicking an order directly, the first relevant crew member will be automatically selected.

Holding the Shift key and then using the orders key on certain installations, the radial menu will only display orders relevant to that specific installation; for instance, doing so on a weapon's periscope will display the Operate Weapon order.
Crew members can be dismissed from an order by right-clicking the order, next to their name in the top-left crew display.

  • The Orders radial menu is opened with Middle Mouse by default.
  • If an order requires using a specific item, such as a screwdriver to repair a junction box or a Diving Suit to fix leaks in a flooded room, they will first try to find it within the submarine's containers or laying on the floor. If no required items are found or if they are in another crew member's inventory, they won't take it from them and will be unable to complete their order, stating so in the chat.
  • Issuing an order can be done preemptively: for instance, if ordering a crew member to Fight Intruders when none are in the submarine, they will answer that they can't find any, but will remain assigned to this task and when intruders arrive they will fight them.
  • Up to 3 orders can be saved for quick re-assignment; when giving a new order to a crew member, their previous order will be moved to the right and its icon made smaller; left-clicking one of the previously dismissed orders will issue it again, letting one quickly cycle between orders depending on the situation. Preparing these quickly accessible orders at the beginning of a round may save a lot of time afterwards.


Assault Enemy

Ordered AI will board the docked outpost and kill enemies.
Order is disabled when not docked to an abandoned outpost.

Extinguish Fires

Ordered AI will put out fires in order of closest to farthest.

Fight Intruders

Ordered AI will fight any intruders inside of the submarine.
Security will prioritize attempting to arrest human targets before killing them.

Find Weapon

Ordered AI will acquire a Handheld Weapon or Tool, prioritizing items with higher combat effectiveness.
Order is automatically dismissed after AI acquires an item.

Heal and Rescue

Ordered AI will heal non-light injuries with medicine.
If better medicine is not available, AI will use other medicine depending on it's healing effectiveness.



  • Priority: 90
  • Requires: Depends on environment

Ordered AI will follow the crew member who ordered them.
Order icon becomes discolored when the ordered AI is not following the controlled character.
The followed character will be shown when hovering over the order icon.

Prepare for Expedition

Ordered AI will acquire diving gear.


  • Priority: 90

Ordered AI will attempt to return to the submarine from outside using level waypoints.


  • Priority: 90

Ordered AI will be prevented from idling, therefore forcing them to stand in place.


Cleanup Items

Ordered AI will store dropped items in their appropriate container if there is room.
If there is no room, they will find a different container or, if none found, drop the item next to its preferred container.

Deconstruct Items

Ordered AI will bring any items marked for deconstruction to any available Deconstructor and will begin deconstructing them.


  • Requires: Any deconstructable item

Selected items will be marked for deconstruction.
Can only be accessed with Shift & Middle Mouse on an Item.

Don't Deconstruct

  • Requires: Item marked for deconstruction

Selected items will be unmarked for deconstruction.
Can be accessed with Shift & Middle Mouse on an Item or by Left Mouse Left-clicking the red "Marked for deconstruction" icon on the item.

Fix Leaks

Ordered AI will seal hull breaches with a Welding Tool, in order from closest to farthest.

Load Items

  • Priority: 90

Recharge battery cells

Ordered AI will recharge Battery Cells in Charging Docks.

Refill oxygen tanks

Ordered AI will refill Oxygen Tanks in the Oxygen Generator.

Reload ammo

  • Requires: Ammunition Boxes & Empty Loaders

Ordered AI will reload Turret loaders with ammunition.

Repair Electrical Systems

Ordered AI will repair electrical devices using a Screwdriver.

Repair Mechanical Systems

Ordered AI will repair mechanical devices using a Wrench.

Repair Damaged Systems

Ordered AI will repair mechanical and electrical devices using Screwdrivers and Wrenches.


Operate Reactor

Power up

Ordered AI will turn on the reactor and enable automatic control.

Shut down

Ordered AI will power off the reactor.

Operate Weapons

Ordered AI will man the selected turret and shoot enemies in its line of sight.
AI will also reload ammunition on their turret's loader when it runs out.


Maintain position

Ordered AI will set the selected Navigation Terminal to Autopilot - Maintain Position.

Navigate back

Ordered AI will set the selected Navigation Terminal to Autopilot - Navigate Back.

Navigate to destination

Ordered AI will set the selected Navigation Terminal to Autopilot - Navigate to Destination.
Note: Autopilot will ignore Ice Spires while an AI is using the navigation terminal.



  • Quick Access
    • Other: Any given Order

Dismisses all orders from the ordered crew member.
Single orders can be dismissed with Right Mouse on the order icon in the crew list.

Ignore This

Selected item will be invisible to AI crew members, preventing them from using the item.
Can only be accessed with Shift & Middle Mouse on any Installation or Item.

Unignore This

The opposite of the previous command, allows AI crew to use the selected item.
Can only be accessed with Shift & Middle Mouse on any Installation or Item.

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