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A picture of the controls menu
A picture of the controls menu
See also: Submarine Editor Controls, Character Editor Controls

Aim Assist

Aim Assist determines how close the cursor has to be to an item in a Submarine for it to be selected.
0% Aim Assist means the cursor has to be directly on the item's hitbox.

Enable Mouse Look

The Enable Mouse Look setting determines if the camera will move towards the direction you point the cursor.
Turning this off fixes the camera above your character and disables the camera zoom when you move the mouse away from your character, however it does not disable speed-based camera panning.

Default Keybindings

Pressing the "Reset" button will reset the keybindings to these values:

Action Key Action Key
Select Left Mouse Health H
Use E Grab G
Aim Right Mouse Next Character Z
Up W Previous Character X
Down S Push-To-Talk V
Left A Deselect Right Mouse
Right D Shoot Left Mouse
Creature Attack R Command Interface Middle Mouse
Run Shift Toggle Entity List Q
Crouch Ctrl Take One From Slot Ctrl
Info Tab Tab Take Half From Slot Shift
Local Chat (Legacy) Next Fire Mode Middle Mouse
Radio Chat (Legacy) Previous Fire Mode Middle Mouse
Crew Orders C Chat T
Ragdoll Space Toggle Chat Mode R
Inventory Slot 1 1 Inventory Slot 2 2
Inventory Slot 3 3 Inventory Slot 4 4
Inventory Slot 5 5 Inventory Slot 6 6
Inventory Slot 7 7 Inventory Slot 8 8
Inventory Slot 9 9 Inventory Slot 10 0