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The controls menu.

Aim Assist

Aim Assist determines how close the cursor has to be to an item in a Submarine for it to be selected.
0% Aim Assist means the cursor has to be directly on the item.

Enable Mouse Look

The Enable Mouse Look setting determines if the camera will move towards the direction you point the cursor.
Turning this off fixes the camera above your character, and disables the camera zoom when you move the mouse away from your character.
Turning this off does not disable camera movement based on your current speed.

Customizable Keybindings

Keybindings that are able to be changed in the Controls menu.

Action Default
Select Left E
Use E Left
Movement W
Creature Attack F
Sprint ⇧ Left Shift
Crouch Left control
Info Tab Tab ↹
Text Chat (Local) T
Text Chat (Radio) R
Crew Orders C
Ragdoll Spacebar
Toggle Health Interface H
Grab Ragdolled Character G
Cycle Character Forward (Singleplayer) Z
Cycle Character Backward (Singleplayer) X
Push to Talk (Radio) V
Push to Talk (Local) B
Deselect Right E
Fire/Swing Weapon Left
Crew Command Interface Middle
Toggle Inventory (Submarine Editor) Q
Take One Item from Slot Left control
Take Half from Slot ⇧ Left Shift
Cycle Firing Mode Forward MiddleScroll Up
Cycle Firing Mode Backward MiddleScroll Down
Inventory Slots 123

Non-Customizable Keybindings

These keybindings cannot be changed through the Controls menu.

Submarine Editor Keybindings

Shortcuts for actions in the Submarine Editor.

Action Keybind
Context Menu Right
Secret Context Menu ⇧ Left Shift + Right
Add Node to Wire Left control + Left
Save Left control + S
Copy Left control + C
Cut Left control + X
Paste Left control + V
Mirror Horizontal Left control + N
Mirror Vertical Left control + M
Delete Delete
Focus F
Unlock Movement from Grid ⇧ Left Shift (Hold)

Other Keybindings

Keybindings that don't fall into any other category.

Action Keybind
Debug Console F3