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ID: Endworm

10 000

Sight: 2
Hearing: 10

Armor Plates (see values in Defense section)


Broken armor sections, mouth

Walk speed


Swim speed




Can Enter Submarine?


only 1 of the items marked with an asterisk * may drop at a time
Items Chance
None N/A

The Endworm is a titanic, worm-like creature, named after its ability to "end" the lives of anybody who comes across it. It is the second largest and most destructive creature in Europa's ocean.


The Endworm itself is a colossal behemoth, a serpent-like leviathan covered in an incredibly durable, stone-like armor shell. It is incredibly fast, aggressive, and durable enough to withstand nuclear ordinance, but still has certain vulnerabilities. Its presence is often preluded by its constant monstrous roaring, which is often visible on a submarine's sonar due to its intensity.


The Endworm is extremely aggressive, to the point of mercilessly and rapidly slaughtering any living creature around itself before assaulting the submarine (or unlucky shuttle) itself. Once the Endworm decides to attack the submarine proper, it will quickly beeline towards it from a considerable distance and random angle before delivering a catastrophic blow. Said blow will often violently push the submarine, causing subsequent damage from impact with cave walls. The Endworm will then retreat and circle the submarine from afar before attacking again.

The Endworm spawns in the Abyss at great depths, or as the target of a Hunting Grounds Missions. It makes its presence known from afar with its constant roaring and obviously large signature on sonar screens.

Combat strategies

The Endworm's armored plates can be destroyed, leaving the flesh beneath exposed. These sections can then be severed using attacks that deal 200 damage or more, however the probability of this depends on how far away the tail chunk was from the head. The closer to the head the tail chunk is, the lower the chance that chunk will be severed. Nuclear Shells are often especially effective for this purpose, as their significant explosion radius strips away a large amount of armor and increases the chance that a vulnerable section will be destroyed. Using Piercing Ammunition fired from the Coilgun against the armored plates is equally as effective, as this ammo type is specifically designed to destroy armor. Alternatively, the player can utilise the Chaingun to target the armor plates specifically, as the high quantity of rounds fired combined with the length of the Endworm allows the player to efficiently destroy them.

Cutting the Endworm's tail can do as much damage as 6,000 Internal Damage and 8,000 Bleeding, or as little as 500 Internal Damage and 500 Bleeding. The numbers vary depending on how close the severed chunk was to the head, with chunks further away dealing less total damage.

Leaving the submarine at any point for any reason is considered madness. Abandon any crew member who attempts to leave the submarine during your encounter with the Endworm, for they will not live long enough to regret their actions.


Attack Target type Afflictions on hitAfflictions InsideArea of EffectStructure DamageItem DamageDurationCooldownKinetic Force
Character Attack Character Affliction Bite Wounds.png Bite Wounds 300
Affliction Bleeding.png Bleeding 1000
Affliction Stun.png Stun 3s 
      0.5s  1000 
Submarine Attack Structure   Affliction Stun.png Stun 5s  9m  150 (direct hit)
600 (AoE
100  0.5s  0


Endworm Damage Modifiers.png

In addition to the values in the following table, the Endworm is also immune to: 


LimbAffliction Burn.png BurnAffliction Bleeding.png BleedingAffliction Internal Damage.png Damage (all)Min
Severance Damage
Severance Chance
Armor Plates x 0.25 x 0 x 0.1 0.5 20%   
Tail Chunk x 1 x 1 x 1 200 0.25% The severance chance for the Tail Chunk ranges from as low as 0.25%, to as high as 10%. The value changes depending on how far away the tail chunk is from the head.




Very Large
Very Small