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Husked Human

ID: Humanhusk


Sight: 0.5
Hearing: 1

Arms & Legs
(See values in the Defense section)





Poisons x 0.5
Walk speed

0.8 walk (0.7 crouched) - 2.5 run

Swim speed

0.6 slow - 2.5 fast



Can Enter Submarine?


only 1 of the items marked with an asterisk * may drop at a time
Items Chance
Player/NPC's inventory when they were alive 100% (1/1)

The Human Husk is a human-based enemy that can manifest in Barotrauma.


Human Husks are Human beings which have become infected and taken over by an instance of Velonaceps Calyx. Their appearance is equivalent to that of a regular crew member, with the biggest difference being a small stinger protruding out of their mouth, as well as their head being visibly disfigured.

Human Husks cannot be found in a similar fashion to other monsters, and can only be encountered if a human is infected and husked through the husk infection.


Human Husks can have varying levels of strength due to the fact that they inherit the items of whoever they were prior to being husked (the same does not count for any afflictions). They may be wearing Diving Suits, Armor, and most likely have an ID Card which they can use to open Doors.

Like Diver Husks, they have a constant health regeneration (1 hp/s).

Combat Strategies

The Husked Human only attacks in close quarters, so maintaining distance is essential in combat. The Revolver is one of the best weapons to use in combat due to its high power and accuracy. If a player has enough ammunition they can dual wield revolvers to maximize damage output. It is important to aim for the head, as all damage is doubled (see Defense values).
An alternative strategy would be to stun the Husked Human using a Stun Grenade or Stun Gun and attack using melee weapons once the stun kicks in. This allows players to conserve bullets whilst avoiding the risk of infection.

Husked Humans do not stay dead once their health bar is depleted. They will enter a "down-but-not-out" state, identical to non-husked humans. Unlike non-husked humans, the Husked Human's regeneration factor still applies; this allows them to get back up and continue fighting, provided their wounds aren't catastrophic. To fully kill a Human Husk, a player must continuously deal damage until the health bar fully disappears. This damage can come in any form, and is not limited to severing limbs. Removing the head of a Human Husk in this state is just as effective as using a Crowbar to beat it to death.


Attack Target type Afflictions on hitContextStructure DamageDurationCooldownKinetic ForceNotes
Husk Appendage Character
 Bite Wounds (2)*
 Stun (0.3)*
Any 0 0.1s 1 6 Heals the Husked Human of any Damage (all) by 1.5 per hit.



Limb Damage (all)
Head x 2 
Arms & Legs x 0.5



  • Their attack makes use of the same exact stinger that can be obtained during the late stages of the infection process.
  • They inherit the name of whoever they used to originally be prior to being husked.
  • They have the visuals of spliced genes in the character editor, being the Spineling Genes and Mudraptor Genes.

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