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Pets are friendly Creatures that live aboard the Submarine. They can protect their owner, produce unique items, and provide mental stability to crew members.


There are seven unique Pets:

Peanut, a slug-like creature that secretes a mucus that can be broken down for useful materials.

Psilotoad, a slug-and-toad-like creature that produces a mild anaparalyzant.

Orange Boy, a crustacean-like creature that produces tough chitin.

Cthulhu, a flying eldritch creature that produces alien material dementonite.

Defense Bot, a flying robotic creature that uses its gun to attack hostiles.

Petraptor, a friendly Mudraptor which attacks hostiles.

Huskified Storage Container, an instance of the Husk parasite occupying a storage container that acts as a mobile storage.


Pets are hatched from Strange Eggs, which are purchasable in Store, found rarely in wrecks (5%), or laid by their respective Pet. You can also find a Pet inside a random encounter box. Some Pets, such as the Defense Bot or Petraptor, can be crafted.

Saline can be put inside the Egg, which causes it to hatch immediately. A Petraptor Egg will not hatch immediately once Saline is put inside the Egg.

Pets generally cannot interact with anything but only wander aimlessly through the hulls while occasionally making idle noises and require attentive care from the crew every now and then. They do not require air to breathe nor get crushed by high pressure when deep underwater. However, they are fragile, unarmored, and mostly non-aggressive as they are easily killed and will flee when severely injured, with the exception of defensive Pets (see Defense Bot or Petraptor).

They can also be named with the use of the Pet Name Tag being put inside one of their two available inventory slots that can only be accessed when alive and grabbed by the player.

Pets have two needs: Happiness, which decreases overtime, and Hunger, which increases gradually.

Sufficiently happy and fed pets will produce non-poop products, and at extremely high happiness will sometimes lay eggs. Better fed and happier pets will produce items more frequently.


Feeding pets reduces their Hunger and slightly increases Happiness.

There are four categories of food that can be fed to pets: type 1, type 2, type 3, and monster food, with various items falling into each category. Each species of pets can only consume a specific type of food. Some items, including the distinct Pet Food item, count as all four types and will be eaten by all pets.

To feed an item to a pet, simply drop it near the pet. However, due to the priority order of behaviors, pets will prefer to protect their owner over eating food. This can lead to unintentional pet deaths as a distraught owner tries to feed their pet, unknowingly being the reason the pet refuses to eat. To prevent this, ensure the owner is at least 2 meters from the pet during feeding times. In the case of Peanut, make sure nobody is actively looking at it as this has the same effect.

Pets will also eat the dead when hungry. Note that the Defense Bot does not need to eat. Despite not having a food tag, the Huskified Storage Container can eat Alien Blood. It is the only pet that can do so.

Pet Diet
Food Item Pets
All Types (1-3)
Pet Food



Orange Boy
Huskified Storage Container
Raptor Bane
Mutated Pomegrenade
Mutated Raptor Bane
Type 1
Blood Pack
- - - - -
Type 2
Ethanol -

- - -
Type 3
Aluminum - - -
Orange Boy
Huskified Storage Container
Steel Bar
Titanium-Aluminum Alloy
Monster Food
Pet Food - - - -
Diver's Remains
Strange Egg
Strange Egg
Strange Egg
Strange Egg



Orange Boy


Huskified Storage Container

Note: Pets can starve to death, this takes the form of "Internal Damage" as the cause of death. See this link for source.


Playing with Pets will increase their Happiness. Pets can be played with once every 6 seconds. For some pets, such as the Defense Bot, playing with them will cause them to follow you.

Feeding pets will also slightly increase their Happiness.


Some Pets periodically produce goods that can be used, deconstructed, or sold. They produce more often the happier and better fed they are.
Note: The Defense Bot does not produce anything despite being a pet.

Pet Produce
Pet Product Description Required Happiness
(excluding Huskified
Storage Container
Poop Deconstructs into Carbon. 0
Peanut Mucus Ball Deconstructs into Bandage, Paralyxis, and Calcium. 50
Strange Egg Spawns a Peanut, can be sold for profit. 80
Psilotoad Hallucinogenic Bufotoxin Weak anti-paralyzant, deconstructs into Saline and Paralyxis 50
Strange Egg Spawns a Psilotoad, can be sold for profit. 80
Orange Boy Chitin Chunk Used in crafting the Chitin Helmet 50
Strange Egg Spawns an Orange Boy, can be sold for profit. 80
Cthulhu Dementonite Cluster Used to make Portable Pump, Deliriumine, and Petraptor Egg 50
Strange Egg Spawns a Cthulhu, can be sold for profit. 80
Petraptor Mudraptor Egg Spawns a Mudraptor, can be sold for profit or made into another Petraptor. 80
Huskified Storage Container Velonaceps Calyx Eggs Used to make Calyx Extract. Can be eaten. 80
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