Petraptor Egg

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Petraptor Egg

'A slimy, pulsating mudraptor egg.
Hard to believe that this one is friendly. Drop it on the floor and feed it with saline, maybe?'
Food Saline
Food Capacity 1
Medical Fabricator
Deconstructor Yield
Identifier petraptoregg
Categories Misc

The Petraptor Egg is an Assistant talent item used to spawn a Petraptor.


The Petraptor Egg hatches into the Petraptor after being fed one bag of Saline. Unlike the Mudraptor Egg's green exterior, the Petraptor Egg has a slimy blue appearance which makes it distinct when identifying potential sabotage on a Submarine.


The Petraptor Egg can only be crafted at a Medical Fabricator by an Assistant with The Friends We Made talent unlocked.

Related Talents

Talent Tree Description

The Friends We Made
ID: thefriendswemade
Spec. 4
Turns unhatched Mudraptors friendly in the Medical Fabricator. Only 2 per crew can be active at the same time.

Unlock recipe: Petraptor Egg.

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