Mucus Ball

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Mucus Ball
Mucus Ball.png
A sticky ball of mucus.
Type Exotic Item
Constructible? No
Deconstructor Yield
OutpostOutpost Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation 1 mk
ColonyColony 1 mk
Research OutpostResearch 1 mk
Military OutpostMilitary 1 mk
Mining OutpostMining 1 mk

Mucus Ball is an Item produced by the Peanut.png Peanut Pet. It can be refined into some medical materials.


The Mucus Ball is only obtainable from a well-fed and happyPeanut Halloween.png Peanut.


The Mucus Ball can be held in one hand and thrown around, splattering on impact.

It can also be deconstructed for the Bandage.png Bandage, the Paralyxis.png Paralyxis, and the Calcium.png Calcium.