Mutated Raptor Bane

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Mutated Raptor Bane

It looks delicious, but should not be ingested under any circumstances. Not good for mudraptors.
Explosion (1.5m):
 Nausea (50)*
Triggers Impact: over 5.5m/s.
Fire: -50 condition/s
Not Contained: 5 second delay.
Can be thrown? Yes
Explosion Radius 1.5 m
Constructible? No
Deconstructor Yield
1 Carbon(≥50%*)
1 Raptor Bane Seed(≥50%*)
Identifier badraptorbane
Categories Material
Tags smallitem, plantitem, petfood1, petfood2, petfood3

Mutated Raptor Banes are a Fruit dropped by the Raptor Bane Plant.


Mutated Raptor Banes are a purple fruit, resembling that of a bell pepper. When produced, receiving too much damage on impact or being outside its container for 5 seconds, it will detonate, inflicting Nausea (50)* to anyone within 1.5 meters. If picked up quickly, it can be used for deconstruction.


When thrown, on impact, it may explode, inflicting Nausea to anyone within range.


Like all Fruits, Mutated Raptor Banes can be thrown (Right Mouse to Aim, then Left Mouse).

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