Crawler Broodmother

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Crawler Broodmother

ID: Crawlerbroodmother


Sight: 1.5
Hearing: 1.5

Legs & Tail (see values in Defense section)



Immunities Vulnerabilities
Poisons x 0.5
Walk speed


Swim speed

4 (Slow)
8 (Fast)



Can Enter Submarine?


only 1 of the items marked with an asterisk * may drop at a time
Items Chance
Alien Blood (x2)
Small Crawler Egg
Swim Bladder
100% (1/1)

The Crawler Broodmother is a stronger variant of the Crawler.


The Crawler Broodmother is a large beast which hunts surrounded by Crawlers. It is significantly larger than a Crawler, but its behavior remains similar. It has several eyes, crown-like protrusions on its head, and a large stomach; presumably where the Crawler Eggs are stored for its ranged attack. A Crawler Broodmother will attack its target using its jaw, preferring to continue swimming past its prey. A blow to the skull of a Human can be fatal.


The Crawler Broodmother spawns within a swarm of Crawlers. Typically, 1-2 Crawler Broodmothers can spawn at a time depending on the mission's difficulty. It attacks the submarine using its ranged attack before closing the distance and assaulting the hull. Each time the Crawler Broodmother takes 5 Burn or Internal Damage , it will drop one Small Crawler Egg which will slowly float down until it makes contact with a surface. Once contact has been made, the egg will explode causing severe hull damage. Crawler eggs can be harvested before they make contact with a surface, and deconstructed for Sulphuric Acid, but they cannot be stacked.

Combat Strategies

Uniquely, the Crawler Broodmother has a constant attack in response to taking damage. As a result, it is advised to use high damage weaponry against it to minimise the potential damage to the sub. Weapons such as the Railgun using Railgun Shells loaded with high explosives (like C-4 or Oxygenite Shards), or the Pulse Laser are both good options.

Alternatively, players can fight the Crawler Broodmother using small arms weapons such as the Autoshotgun, and melee weapons such as the Boarding Axe. Whilst an unusually viable strategy, it must still be noted that a single bite to the head can immediately knock a player unconscious. Players attempting this must either have medical backup on standby, or be prepared to die on the battlefield.


Attack Target type Afflictions on hitContextStructure DamageDurationCooldownKinetic Force
Water Attack Character
 Bite Wounds (60)*
 Bleeding (30)* (7500% chance)
 Stun (1.5)*
Water 0 1s 5 40
Structure Attack Structure Any 100 1s 5 40
Ranged Attack Any
 Burn (20)*
 Stun (0.5)*
Water 200 1s 15 0



Limb Burn Bleeding Damage (all)
Legs & Tail x 0.5 x 1 x 0.5 
Head x 1 x 1.5 x 1.5




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