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ID: Watcher


Sight: 5
Hearing: 0

Upper Body, Spikes (see values in Defense section)



Walk speed


Swim speed

2 slow - 5 fast



Can Enter Submarine?


only 1 of the items marked with an asterisk * may drop at a time
Items Chance
None N/A

The Watcher is an enormous, orb-shaped creature reminiscent of a turtle or a crab.


The Watcher consists of a jet-black main body of immense size that takes the shape of a sphere, and is surrounded by thick armor and protective spikes, giving it great resistance to almost all forms of damage, but this is balanced by its large, vulnerable eye. Named after said ominous red eye, the Watcher lacks any true method of attack, but does inflict many negative effects in the form of Affliction Watcher's Gaze.png Watcher's Gaze when investigating Submarines or Divers. Watchers are completely deaf, and rely entirely on their impressive sight to find objects of interest such as submarines or divers. Watchers are solitary and never found with one of its own. Watchers do not interact with other Watchers. However, they do tend to gather crowds of other creatures, such as Crawlers or Mudraptors.


Watchers are passive but inquisitive creatures: despite having no desire to attack the submarine or its crew, Watchers will still approach the ship to gaze at human activities. While the Watcher's passive behavior is a pleasant contrast to the other denizens of Europa, its effect upon the human mind with its deep gaze means you unfortunately have to deal with it in some manner, usually violence.

The Watcher constantly emits a loud, distorted "static" that is completely alien to all other sources of sound, making it easy to hear if one is outside the submarine.

Upon being damaged, the Watcher will flee and deploy a green acid mist behind, which inflicts Burns to divers and damage to the submarine's hull. This damage is progressive, and each of the 9 acid "emitters" lasts 30 seconds.

Watcher's Gaze

The Watcher's Gaze is a unique affliction that provides a benefit to hostile creatures and a negative to Humans. Creatures being influenced by the Watcher's Gaze gain as much as 200% Vitality and 30% movement speed, or as little as 50% vitality and 10% movement speed. They can be identified by the red glow around their heads, whilst Humans can be seen vomiting, moving at significantly reduced speeds, and suffering the effects of Affliction Psychosis.png Psychosis.

Watcher's Gaze influences the following creatures:

Combat strategies

The eye is highly susceptible to all Coilgun ammunition types, with a x5 damage multiplier for Affliction Lacerations.png Lacerations. A diver equipped with a firearm can also take advantage of the eye's same weakness to Affliction Gunshot Wound.png Gunshot Wound. The Railgun is an extremely efficient method of neutralising the Watcher, as a single Railgun Shell can kill it if it hits the eye.

To efficiently deal with a Watcher, a submarine crew should target its enormous eye. Although this will be challenging as the watcher constantly moves and twitches, and the nausea that comes with its gaze may make using weapons rather difficult. Alongside this, it will flee at a high speed while releasing caustic acid mist that burns divers and hull alike, so care must be taken to not pilot into it if the submarine is under motion.

Another way to take out the Watcher is having somebody go out and start chasing it. The Watcher will attempt to flee from any humans going after it, but once the human stops pursuit the Watcher will go back to the submarine.


Attack Target type Afflictions on hitStructure DamageItem DamageDurationNotes
Watcher's Gaze (Far) Character Affliction Watcher's Gaze.png Watcher's Gaze 5
999s  Expires upon death. It has a range of 5 meters. 
Watcher's Gaze (Close) Character Affliction Watcher's Gaze.png Watcher's Gaze 20
999s  Expires upon death. It has a range of 1.5 meters. 
Acid Emitter Any Affliction Burn.png Burn 0.5
60  30  30s  Triggers upon taking damage. Spawns 9 instances of the Acid Emitter. Each acid cloud has a range of 3 meters.


The Watcher is completely immune to Acid Burns, Affliction Psychosis.png Psychosis and its own Affliction Watcher's Gaze.png Watcher's Gaze.

Watcher Damage Modifiers.png

In addition to the values in the following table, the Watcher is also immune to: 


LimbAffliction Burn.png BurnAffliction Bleeding.png BleedingAffliction Internal Damage.png Damage (all)Affliction Lacerations.png LacerationsAffliction Gunshot Wound.png Gunshot Wound
Eye x 5 x 1 x 1 x 5 x 5 
Upper Body x 0.5 x 1 x 0.2 x 1 x 1 
Spikes x 0.25 x 0 x 0.1 x 1 x 1


Very Large
Very Small