Acid Burn

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Acid Burn

Inflicted by acid weapons such as Sulphuric Acid Syringe and Acid Grenade, as well as by Watchers, Crawler Broodmothers, and Ballast Flora.

Acid damage can be increased by first using Europabrew to inflict Acid Vulnerability.

  0-30: "The skin is irritated and raw."
 30-60: "Parts of the flesh are stripped away by acid; a mixture of red and white mark the edges." 
60-200: "The flesh has deformed and essentially melted away due to high amounts of acid."

       Cause of Death: "Succumbed to their injuries"
Cause of Death (Self): "You have succumbed to your injuries."
Affliction Limb Specific Vitality Scaling Strength Change Strength Range Effects Treatments Caused By

Acid Burn
ID: acidburn
Type: burn
Yes Yes -0.075/s 0 - 30 -0 → -0.3 Vitality Antibiotic Glue (-100 | -75)* Desirable Medical Skill55
Plastiseal (-50 | -37.5)* Desirable Medical Skill25
Bandage (-30 | -22.5)* Desirable Medical Skill40
Protein Bar (-7.5)* Desirable Medical Skill-
Pomegrenade Extract (-6.25 | -3.125)* Desirable Medical Skill25
Opium (-5 | -3.75)* Desirable Medical Skill60
Fentanyl (-5 | -3.75)* Desirable Medical Skill72
Morphine (-1 | -0.5)* Desirable Medical Skill40
Sulphuric Acid (+15)* Desirable Medical Skill-
Sulphuric Acid Syringe (+30)* Desirable Medical Skill-
30 - 60 -0.3 → -0.6 Vitality

If World Hostility is High or Hellish:
1.5% chance every 5 seconds: +5 Infected Wound
60 - 200 -0.6 → -2 Vitality

If World Hostility is High or Hellish:
3% chance every 5 seconds: +5 Infected Wound

Related Talents

Talent Tree Description

Plague Doctor
ID: plaguedoctor
Medical Doctor
Spec. 1
Gain an additional 50% Acid Burn resistance. Unlock recipe: Europabrew, Sulphuric Acid Syringe.

What a Stench!
ID: whatastench
Medical Doctor
Spec. 3
Poisons and Acid deal 40% more damage. Unlock recipe: Acid Grenade, 40mm Acid Grenade.

ID: macrodosing
Medical Doctor
Spec. 4
Buffs you apply last 25% longer. Poisons and Acid deals 25% more damage. Unlock recipe: Endocrine Booster.

This medical contraption, when used, bestows the user with permanent performance enhancement.

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