Tiger Thresher Genes

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Tiger Thresher Genes

Caused by using Genetic Material (Tiger Thresher) in either a Gene Splicer or Advanced Gene Splicer.

Subject's lung capacity is grown, resulting in more efficient oxygen consumption.
Affliction Limb Specific Vitality Scaling Strength Change Strength Range Effects Treatments Caused By

Tiger Thresher Genes
ID: decreasedoxygenconsumption
Type: geneticmaterialbuff
(Shown on Torso)
No None 0 - 100 20% → 100% Oxygen Low Resistance
Character does not deplete hull oxygen.
N/A Genetic Material (Tiger Thresher) Desirable Medical Skill-
  • Does not affect the rate at which oxygen tanks are consumed; only increases the time it takes to suffocate when not breathing. The increase in time to suffocate is not linear; at 25% affliction strength, time to suffocate is increased by ~17%. At 50% strength, time is extended by 38%. At 75%, it takes 5 times as long to fall unconscious, but only increases the time to suffocate by 100%, i.e. twice as long (because the effects of thresher genes do not apply while unconscious). At 95%, a character will take over 10 minutes to fall unconscious, and at 99%, over 50 minutes.
  • At 100% condition, characters will not gain the Oxygen Low affliction while conscious. If a character is unconscious, they will gain Oxygen Low at an extremely reduced rate. Additionally, oxygen/welding fuel tanks in diving masks/suits will not be consumed.

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