Cyanide Poisoning

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Affliction Cyanide Poisoning.png
The patient is confused and has trouble breathing. Their skin is red and they have occasional muscle spasms.

Cyanide Poisoning is caused by being injected with Cyanide. Cyanide Poisoning causes screen distortion and slowed movement, effects increasing over time.
At 40 strength (40 seconds), the victim starts losing health. At 100 strength (140 seconds), the victim dies.


Affliction Limb Specific? Scaled to Vitality? If left alone Strength Range Effects TreatmentsSkill CausesSkill
Affliction Cyanide Poisoning.png
Cyanide Poisoning
No Yes Grows (+1/s) 0 - 20 -20% speed Cyanide Antidote icon.png Cyanide Antidote (-100 | -30)* 5
Stabilozine icon.png Stabilozine (-30 | -15)* 20
Cyanide icon.png Cyanide (+1/s)* -
20 - 40 -40% speed
(+0.75/s) 40 - 70 Orders healandrescue.png -0 → -70% vitality |?|
-70% speed
(+0.5/s) 70 - 100 Orders healandrescue.png -70% → -100% vitality |?|
-90% speed


Cyanide icon.pngCyanide can be injected, used, or shot with a Syringe Gun.pngSyringe Gun

Causes Effect
Cyanide icon.pngCyanide Affliction Cyanide Poisoning.png Cyanide Poisoning (1)*


Cyanide Poisoning progresses at 1 per second, so an effective treatment to cure it must overcome the growth rate. Multiple doses of a weak treatment can be taken in quick succession to stack their effects.

Treatments for Cyanide Poisoning
Method Required skill Effects Notes
Total Effect Rate (Effect/second) Duration (s)
Cyanide Antidote icon.pngCyanide Antidote (Skilled) 40 -100 -100 1 Complete cure
Cyanide Antidote icon.pngCyanide Antidote (Unskilled) - -30 -1 30
Stabilozine icon.pngStabilozine (Skilled) 20 -30 -1 30 Applies randomly across affected Poisons.
Stabilozine icon.pngStabilozine (Unskilled) - -15 -0.5 30 Applies randomly across affected poisons.

Side Effects