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See also: Afflictions
The patient has trouble moving.

Paralysis is caused by being injected with Paralyzant or being attacked by the Leucocyte.

It causes screen distortion, gradually slows movement down to almost a halt, and when reaching 100% of the effect, the character becomes permanently stunned (paralyzed) until treated.

Unlike most other Poisonings, Paralysis does not reduce max health. Therefore, it is possible for the inflicted to still be alive while paralyzed for the remainder of the round if not treated or already suffering from other lethal afflictions. On its own, Paralysis is considered non-lethal, although the full effect puts the player on a constant critical like state, such as being able to Give In, unable to communicate, etc.

Affliction Limb Specific? Scaled to Vitality? If left alone Strength Range Effects TreatmentsSkill
Affliction Paralysis.png
NO NO Grows (+1/s) 0 - 20 -50% speed Anaparalyzant icon.png Anaparalyzant (Cured)* 20
Hallucinogenic Bufotoxin.png Hallucinogenic Bufotoxin (-20)* -
20 - 40 -60% speed
40 - 60 -70% speed
60 - 80 -80% speed
80 - 99 -90% speed
99 - 100 Prevents movement or actions of any kind

Side Effects