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Paralyzant icon.png

ID: paralyzant

Causes paralysis.
Medical Item, Poison
Medical Usage
Desirable Medical Skill None
Affliction Paralysis.png Paralysis (1)*
Duration of the effects 1 second

Fabricator Skill Medical 40
Medical Fabricator
Deconstructor Yield
OutpostOutpost Buy Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation N/A 280 mk
ColonyColony 315 mk 252 mk
Research OutpostResearch 315 mk 252 mk
Military OutpostMilitary 385 mk 308 mk
Mining OutpostMining N/A 308 mk

Paralyzant is a common Medicine in Barotrauma.


  • Is a non-lethal poison.

Inflicts victim with Affliction Paralysis.png Paralysis, gradually slows their Movement Speed to 10%. The affliction strength and movement penalty increase over time, at 100 (100 seconds) - the victim will be Stunned until treated. It is cured with the Anaparalyzant icon.png Anaparalyzant.

Does not affect creatures with greater than 100 mass.

Also used to craft Anaparalyzant icon.png Anaparalyzant.

Fabrication & Deconstruction

Medical Fabricator Items
Crafting Materials Crafting Talent, Skill, Time Item Deconstruction Time Deconstruction Yield
Paralyzant icon.png Paralyzant
Stabilozine icon.png Stabilozine
Medical 24
 Time.png 30
Anaparalyzant icon.png
Time.png 20 Stabilozine icon.png Stabilozine (%)

Deconstructor Items
Item Deconstruction Time Deconstruction Yield 
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