Deliriumine Poisoning

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Affliction Deliriumine Poisoning.png
Patient is hallucinating and exhibits paranoia.

Deliriumine Poisoning is caused by being injected with Deliriumine.

Unlike other poisons, Deliriumine is not lethal, as its only effect is causing a permanent, gradually increasing Psychosis.

Affliction Limb Specific? Scaled to Vitality? If left alone Strength Range Effects TreatmentsSkill CausesSkill
Affliction Deliriumine Poisoning.png
Deliriumine Poisoning
NO NO Grows (+1/s) 0 - 100 Affliction Psychosis.png +1 Psychosis per second Deliriumine Antidote icon.png Deliriumine Antidote (-100 | -30)* 5
Stabilozine icon.png Stabilozine (-30 | -15)* 20
Deliriumine icon.png Deliriumine (20)* -

Side Effects