Oxygen Low

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Affliction Oxygen Low.png
The skin is pale and clammy, and the lips turning blue.

The Oxygen Low affliction represents suffocation damage, and directly reduces the Vitality of the afflicted character.

It is the only affliction which maximum strength is 200. The icon will only show up when reaching 50 strength, at which point it will start causing gradually increasing Vitality damage, up to 2 damage per second at 200 strength.

The affliction is commonly caused by being in oxygen-poor environments (underwater or in an oxygen deprived room without an Oxygen source), by being in critical condition, or by using Morbusine, Fentanyl, Morphine, or Opium, as well as Naloxone if used with insufficient skill.

The affliction will quickly vanish by being conscious in an oxygenated room or wearing a Diving Suit or Mask supplied with oxygen.

If the afflicted character is in critical condition, the common course of action involves supplying the character with a Diving Mask and performing CPR.

Affliction Limb Specific? Scaled to Vitality? If left alone Strength Range Effects Treatments Skill
Affliction Oxygen Low.png
Oxygen Low
NO YES With O²:
Without O²:
50 - 200 Orders healandrescue.png -0 → -2 vitality per second |?| Liquid Oxygenite.pngLiquid Oxygenite 99 45
Deusizine.pngDeusizine 90 | 45 72
Hyperzine.pngHyperzine 15 | 6 60
Anabolic Steroids.pngAnabolic Steroids 12 72
Methamphetamine.pngMethamphetamine 6 | 4 72

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