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A highly potent stimulant effective in the treatment of internal damage, oxygen deprivation and, to a lesser extent, blood loss. Produces mild burns as a side effect.
Medical Usage
 Burn (4)*
 Bloodloss (-40)*
 Bleeding (-20)*
 Internal Damage (-20)*
 Infected Wound (-25)*
 Stun (-6)*
 Vigor (200)*
 Oxygen Low (-50)* (1s delay)
 Oxygen Low (-50)* (3s delay)
 Oxygen Low (-25)* (2s delay)
Duration 20s*
 Burn (12)*
 Bloodloss (-20)*
 Bleeding (-10)*
 Internal Damage (-10)*
 Infected Wound (-10)*
 Stun (-3)*
 Vigor (200)*
 Oxygen Low (-12.5)* (1s delay)
 Oxygen Low (-10)* (3s delay)
 Oxygen Low (-12.5)* (2s delay)
Duration 20s*
Skill Requirements
Skill Requirements
Medical: 72
Handicap Risk of failure proportional to the skill level.
Medical Fabricator
Skill: Medical: 70
Deconstructor Yield
Minimum Difficulty 50%
Base Price 500 mk
OutpostOutpost Buy Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation N/A 150 mk
ColonyColony N/A 150 mk
Research OutpostResearch N/A 150 mk
Military OutpostMilitary N/A 150 mk
Mining OutpostMining N/A 150 mk
Medical MerchantMedical Merchant 450 mk 135 mk
Engineer MerchantEngineer Merchant N/A 150 mk
Armory MerchantArmory Merchant N/A 150 mk
Children of The HonkmotherClown Merchant N/A 150 mk
The Church of HuskHusk Merchant N/A 150 mk
Identifier deusizine
Categories Medical
Tags smallitem, chem, medical, syringe

Deusizine is an advanced Medicine capable of effectively treating several common afflictions.


Deusizine can be used to treat Damage and Bloodloss very effectively. When applied, it will reduce the affliction strength of Damage by 60 and the affliction strength of Bloodloss by 40 over a period of 20 seconds. Deusizine can be applied to any limb, and its effects will be spread to all limbs equally.

Compared to similar medicines, it heals Damage type afflictions 20% more effectively than Morphine, and Bloodloss 60% more effectively than Saline.

It also reduces Oxygen Low, which can quickly get an unconscious character up if they have not been breathing for a time.

Damage is caused by many sources, including various environmental hazards and Creatures.

Bloodloss is caused by the Bleeding affliction and Swarm Feeders.


Like all Medical Items, Deusizine can be applied through the Health GUI (Default Key H). See this page for more information on usage.

Deusizine can be loaded into a Syringe Gun, can also be swung from the hand to apply its effects to whatever it hits.

Deusizine is used to craft Endocrine Boosters, an advanced medic Talent item that grants talents from other Jobs.


Deusizine is an advanced medicine that is capable of treating several of the most common Afflictions. It is a bit more powerful than Morphine, and Saline. One of its main advantage over opiates is that it does not have any risk of overdose, and so can be used repeatedly. The only side effect of using Deusizine are slight Burns, which is much easier to manage than Opiate Overdose or Addiction.

The Oxygen Low reduction is one of its advantages, though at the Medical skill that Deusizine requires (72), CPR is usually effective enough to save a critical patient. This aspect of the item functions similarly to Liquid Oxygenite, however is much shorter in duration.

Deusizine is also used to craft Endocrine Boosters. Depending on how well stocked a crew is, this may be a better investment than using Deusizine as a medicine.

"Damage" refers to the follow group of afflictions:

Fabrication & Deconstruction

Medical Fabricator Items
Crafting Materials Crafting Talent, Skill, Time Item Deconstruction Time Deconstruction Yield
Sulphurite Shard x2
Paralyxis x2
(produces 1 items)
Talent: Macrodosing

Endocrine Booster
25 Sulphuric Acid x2
(for 1 deconstructed item)
Medical Items
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