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Affliction Bloodloss.png
The patient is pale and cold. Their heart beats in an alarmingly rapid fashion.

The Bloodloss affliction is how the damage from Affliction Bleeding.pngBleeding progressively accumulates and directly reduces the Vitality of the afflicted character, by up to 2 damage per second at 100 strength.

The only way to receive Bloodloss is to have suffered from Bleeding for some time.

While Bloodloss gradually disappears, a Bleeding wound will accumulate Bloodloss faster than it decays, leading to a constant loss of vitality.

Affliction Limb Specific? Scaled to Vitality? If left alone Strength Range Effects TreatmentsSkill
Affliction Bloodloss.png
No Yes With Bleeding:
Without Bleeding:
Decays (-0.1/s)
5 - 45 Orders healandrescue.png -0 → -0.75% vitality per second |?| Alien Blood.png Alien Blood (-120 | -60)* 60
Blood Pack.png Blood Pack (-120 | -60)* 35
Saline.png Saline (-50 | -35)* 10
Deusizine.png Deusizine (-45 | -30)* 72
45 - 100 Orders healandrescue.png -0.75% → -2.0% vitality per second |?|

Side Effects