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Affliction Psychosis.png
The patient rants and mutters in an agitated fashion, a steady commentary of unseen events.

The Psychosis affliction has no impact on vitality, but causes the screen to shake and blur, and the Character will have hallucinations (see second table below). They will say strange and unusual things (in the chat), which serves as a warning that the character has psychosis.

Psychosis can be inflicted by Deliriumine Poisoning, consuming Alien Blood, Anaparalyzant, Methamphetamine, Anabolic Steroids or Hyperzine or carrying a Psychosis Alien Artifact; while it doesn't significantly impact a character's performance, it may be troublesome in the event of a real fire or flood.

Psychosis naturally fades away on its own.

Affliction Limb Specific? Scaled to Vitality? If left alone Strength Range Effects TreatmentsSkill CausesSkill
Affliction Psychosis.png
Decays (-0.1/s) 0 - 100 Imaginary fires, floods, and sounds
No self-diagnosis
Haloperidol icon.png Haloperidol (-100 | -25)* 37
Deliriumine Antidote icon.png Deliriumine Antidote (-13.2 | 0)* 41
Alien Blood.png Alien Blood (+25 | +50)* 40
Anabolic Steroids icon.png Anabolic Steroids (+33 | +60)* 35
Hyperzine icon.png Hyperzine (+24 | +48)* 50
Anaparalyzant icon.png Anaparalyzant (+5 | +45)* 64

List of known psychosis effects

Effect Description
Gunshots Random gunshot noises, such as the revolver or shotgun.
Fire Rooms will spontaneously burst into flames.
Water Rooms will randomly gain/lose water.
Flood Sounds The sound of rushing water can be heard. Typically heard with Water, Impact Noises and Shaking.
Impact Noises The sound of the sub being hit can be heard. Typically heard with Shaking.
Shaking Violent screen shaking can be seen. Typically seen with Impact Noises.
Invisible Crewmates Crewmates will become invisible for a short amount of time.
Honking The honk of a bike horn can be heard.
Alarms Various alarm sounds can be heard, such as the reactor overload alarm.
Creature noises You can hear creatures that are not nearby, such as a Husk.

Side Effects