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Bike Horn

Constructible? No
Deconstructible? No
Reputation Requirement
Base Price 5 mk
OutpostOutpost Buy Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation 5 mk 1 mk
ColonyColony 5 mk 1 mk
Research OutpostResearch N/A 1 mk
Military OutpostMilitary N/A 1 mk
Mining OutpostMining N/A 1 mk
Medical MerchantMedical Merchant N/A 1 mk
Engineer MerchantEngineer Merchant N/A 1 mk
Armory MerchantArmory Merchant N/A 1 mk
Children of The HonkmotherClown Merchant 5 mk 1 mk
The Church of HuskHusk Merchant N/A 1 mk
Identifier bikehorn
Categories Misc
Tags smallitem, hornitem, clowns

The Bike Horn is a musical instrument.


It is associated with the Clown Ensemble and these items are found together. It has a 5% chance to be found in crew cabins, wrecked crew cabins, and abandoned crew cabins.

The bike horn can be found on 4 of the default submarines:

  • The Berilia, inside a locked room next to the small junction box room.
  • The Humpback, inside the left ballast.
  • The R-29, inside one of the medium steel cabinets in the stowage compartment.
  • The Typhon 2, inside ballast tank C.

It can also be found occasionally in wrecks, bought in some stores, as part of a Mission, and from some Events.


The Bike Horn allows its user to honk the horn, with a cooldown of 2 seconds.

For any crew member that is not an Assistant, the horn serves no practical purpose. However, Assistants that have chosen to progress in the Clown talent tree may gain useful support abilities when they honk their horn while having Clown Power.

The range of honk effects is approximately 6 meters, goes through walls, and does not matter which direction the horn is pointed when honking.

Related Talents

Talent Tree Description

Chonky Honks
ID: chonkyhonks
Spec. 3
Honking your horn has a 50% chance to stun nearby creatures for one second.

Inspiring Tunes
ID: inspiringtunes
Tier 2
Nearby allies to gain a bonus of 15 to all skills for 10 seconds when honking a Bike Horn.

See Also


  • The bike horn is one of the sound effects of Psychosis.


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