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A handheld device used for storing messages.
Constructible? No
Deconstructible? No
Base Price 100 mk
OutpostOutpost Sell
Habitation OutpostHabitation 30 mk
ColonyColony 30 mk
Research OutpostResearch 30 mk
Military OutpostMilitary 30 mk
Mining OutpostMining 30 mk
Medical MerchantMedical Merchant 30 mk
Engineer MerchantEngineer Merchant 30 mk
Armory MerchantArmory Merchant 30 mk
Children of The HonkmotherClown Merchant 30 mk
The Church of HuskHusk Merchant 30 mk
Identifier handheldterminal
Categories Electrical
Tags smallitem, logic

The Logbook is a handheld terminal that belongs to the captain of a shipwreck under Europan ocean.


Logbooks are considered an electrical item as they are used to store data digitally, though they do not require batteries or any power supplies to function. Other than storing recorded transmissions and the ability for the player to store their own data, Logbooks have no other functions besides providing insight as to what went down in the shipwreck.

It can be found in Wrecks.


The Logbook can be held in one hand. When equipped, its GUI similar to that of the Terminal appears onscreen showing any data within it and allowing any inputs from the user.

Picking up the Logbook outside of containers also triggers the GUI to appear, despite the user not equipping it in their hand.


The player may come across an intact Logbook containing Messages left behind by the deceased onboard crewmate when investigating a shipwreck. There are two types of Messages: one that can shed some light on what happened to the wrecked vessel and one containing highly sensitive data.

Kastrull Diary
Day 1 of the expedition out of Meltwater. We're navigating through a newly discovered gap in the ice, trying to find a shorter route to Novaya Moskva.

It's not the safest of missions, but hopefully it'll be my last. Should be able to retire after this one.

Day 3. Cap says the whole voyage shouldn't take more than six days. By my reckoning that should place us somewhere around halfway there.

Course there's always a chance this cave doesn't actually have an exit and we'll have to turn back.

Day 4. Now if I were a superstitious man, I'd wager that saying the worst outcome in any given situation out loud makes it come true. Turns out this route is a dead end.

Captain is bummed out. I share his disappointment. It'll take a few days longer to get to an outpost now that we have to go back.

Day 8. There was a hole in the ice here. It's gone now. Icebergs must've moved and closed it. We've started broadcasting our position in hopes that someone picks it up. They're joking now, asking me why I chose my last expedition to get lost at sea.

Day 9. We're rationing food and water. Crew is getting ornery.

Day 11? 12? No response. Food's running out. More concerned about water, myself. Don't feel like writing any more.

Day 30-ish, who cares anymore? I'm surrounded by dead men. Pale husks of men slumped on the floor. Some of their eyes still move, but they're dead nonetheless.

Dugong Transmission
> Replaying last outgoing transmissions.

> [2451-3-4 11:33] DG-35 calling for Tara colony. Do you read?

> [2451-3-4 11:35] Tara colony, do you read? We're taking heavy hits to our topside!

> [2451-3-4 11:35] Look at the size of that thing!

> [2451-3-4 12:02] We managed to take down the attacker, but the hull is heavily damaged. Requesting rescue from anyone who receives this call.

> [2451-3-4 12:06] Hello?

Traitor Letter
> This message will be both my farewell and confession. I was tasked to smuggle this sonar beacon on board and turn it on when we were a safe distance away. It turns out it was set to a frequency that attracts monsters. I was promised a shuttle was picking me up when the task was done but they never showed.

This is the last time I accept a "research assignment" from a big-shoe. Or anyone, for that matter. May they honk in hell.

Encrypted Data
The Logbook containing the Encrypted Data is only available during the Wreck Salvage Mission, which can be retrieved inside the Mission designated wreck on the sonar. Usually another Logbook with normal Messages is also available inside the wreck. Acquiring and returning the correct Logbook, which is the encrypted one, completes the Mission.
DATA 1 ‎
> Receiving encrypted transmission: cbspusbvnbhbnf.dpn/efsfmjdu/[ERR:_INSERT_PASS].htm
DATA 2 ‎
> Receiving encrypted transmission: [PASS_1]beweht
DATA 3 ‎
> Receiving encrypted transmission: [PASS_2]108 101 116 109 101 105 110
DATA 4 ‎
> Receiving encrypted transmission: [PASS_3]LLL SLS SL LS LLS S LSSS LLL LSLL
DATA 5 ‎
> Receiving encrypted transmission: [PASS_4]zorxv
DATA 6 ‎
> Receiving encrypted transmission: [PASS_5]s_m_l_t_d_ _i_i_i_u_e
DATA 7 ‎
> Receiving encrypted transmission: [PASS_6]DSPERiapa
DATA 8 ‎
> Receiving encrypted transmission: [PASS_7]4 5 1 4 13 5 14


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