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Last updated for version v0.14.9.1
The current game version is v0.17.15.0
NOTE: different weapon positions

General Information



7,800 mk

Recommended Crew

4 - 6

Recommended Experience


Cargo Capacity

4 Crates

Dimensions: 44 x 9 m

Hull Volume: 2,619,648

Max Horizontal Speed

26 km/h

Max Descent Speed

13 km/h







Pulse Lasers


Electrical Discharge Coils


Depth Charge Tubes


Hardpoints (Free)


Fuel Consumption Rate


Max Power Output

2,800 kW

Meltdown Delay


Fire Delay


A former military vessel, WH4-L3 'Humpback' has been outfitted to withstand most of the dangers in deep Europa. Her relatively high velocity is offset by low maneuverability. As she's still boasting an older model reactor, power needs to be supplemented by a backup battery array or the crew will find themselves unable to run all of the new equipment.
~ In-game description

The Humpback is an Attack class submarine. It is one of the only two default subs available at the start of a single player campaign, the other one being the Dugong.

Notable Features

The Humpback is the fastest Submarine that has full fabrication facilities.

The Humpback is notable for its unbalanced ballasts, and a terminal controlled Battery array.

The medical bay features both a Medical Fabricator and a Toxin Cabinet.


The Humpback first level is the armory and the junction room. The second level is the bridge and gunnery, allowing the captain and security to coordinate from the same room during conflict. The turrets cover all directions, except the rear. Behind this, medical, then stairwell, and down the stairs fabrication room and dive room with a downwards pointing airlock. Engine and reactor is tucked into the aft section.

The aft balllast has a large pump, but front ballast is a smaller room and only equipped with a small pump, meaning that ballast has a slower reaction time than the aft ballast. The front ballast can open into the storage room, which allows the sub to gain more weight should the sub need to descend faster, but is not recommended during cargo hauling missions that feature any kinds of volatile compounds.

The Dive room is well equipped, with lots of storage space. The downwards facing airlock can be covered by the fore ventral coilgun, so a dive team can exit and enter under its protection.

Wi-Fi Channels

112 - Emergency Siren states from Reactor Meltdown Warning


  • (Silky Smooth) Fixed charactes being unable to get through multi-layer walls from inside the sub (for example the walls above Humpback's command room).
  • (Beasts Within) Put the shotgun shells in Dugong's, Kastrull's and Humpback's armory inside the shotgun.
  • Lighting fix: obstruct background lights behind hulls. Previously the background lights would only get obstructed by background structures, causing light to "bleed through" parts with no structures (e.g. humpback's docking port) and windows in the background walls.
  • Increased Humpback's battery capacity.
  • Reactors take other power sources into account when calculating how much power they need to generate. Fixes overloads on Humpback when turning on the backup batteries and operating the reactor normally.
  • Modified Humpback's bilge to make it easier for AI characters to fix.
  • Added labels next to periscopes in Humpback and Dugong.
  • Set Humpback reactor output a bit higher, batteries now start at full charge and relays can't be overloaded.
  • Fixed crashing when attempting to select an item in Humpback's fabricator interface.
  • Unknown version Introduced.
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