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The majority of Barotrauma's items can be bought from the Store, including some alien materials that normally require crew members to retrieve their respective artifacts in order to obtain said materials through deconstruction. The price and the availability of items depends on the Outpost type as well as the crew's RP in the area. Most of the items can also be found and harvested while exploring the vast Europan ocean, or fabricated on the sub with the proper materials. But some cannot be obtained naturally or are otherwise rare, which are mostly available in Store. Purchased supplies can either be received immediately or be delivered to the sub when the crew leaves the Outpost. Delivered items will appear in crates, spawning in the Storage compartment of the sub if there are no suitable crates already present on the sub.

Store UI

(right screenshot)

  • The quantity shown below the item name (x6, x7, etc), is the number of that item that can currently be sold, including the factors mentioned in the Selling section below.
    • Note that the Combat Diving Suit near the top of the image to the right can only be sold after having removed any oxygen tank it was loaded with.
  • The Owned quantity is the total number of items in any location inside the submarine, excluding the factors that prevent items from being sold.


Most items have their own base price, meaning they can be traded in Store. Each Outpost type has a price multiplier that determines the actual price of an item in that Outpost's Store. These multipliers are dependent on the type of items and where those items are being traded.

Every item with a base price has 5 multipliers corresponding to each Outpost type. So even when several of these items aren't available for sale in specific Outpost types or anywhere at all, their actual price as if they were sold in those Outposts is still valid to calculate the profit the player may yield from selling these. The price is also heavily reliant on the RP of an Outpost.

All transactions are made through the Merchant of the Store. Every Merchant has a balance of 6,000 mk which doesn't fluctuate by itself. This value increases or decreases whenever the player buys or sells things in Store. Because of that, it is possible for the player to clear out a Merchant's balance in an Outpost.


Items are only available in limited supplies, having a fixed number in stock across all Outposts. The number of items in stock shares the same value as other Outposts of the same type. However, between different types of Outposts, this value may be different depending on the Outpost type. For every visit to a new Outpost, the stock of items in visited Outposts (highlighted on the Map) will increase by 1. The restocking doesn't occur if the crew decides to return to the Outpost they've just left without reaching the next destination first or if they reach an uninhabited Location. Once the crew reaches the next accessible Outpost, the restocking process will resume.

The buying price increases (-RP) or decreases (+RP) by 0.1% for every point of RP in an Outpost. This means the player can get a max discount of 10% if they manage to reach 100 RP. On the other hand, at -80 RP, hostile Merchants will raise the price, up to 10% higher. The buying price may also vary randomly by up to +/-5% in each individual Store.

Stores have Daily Specials and Requested Goods, which type and quality will change as the game progresses. Daily Specials are cheaper than usual, while Requested Goods are more profitable to sell.

The following list includes every base price of all purchasable item and the number of supplies in stock across 5 categories in different Outposts, at 0 RP, not accounting for individual store variables, Daily Specials or Requested Goods modifiers.

Item Store Prices Lists

The following pages list all items' base purchasing prices in each type of Outpost.

Store Categories

Items sorted by their category.

Faction Items

Items sold by Factions. They require a certain amount of reputation with their faction in order to be obtainable.


The Sell tab will only show items on the crew member speaking to the outpost trader. The Submarine tab will only show items that exist inside the submarine itself.

Players can only sell items in the Sell and Submarine tabs when:

  • Items are inside the player's numbered 1-0 inventory slots, or in the toolbelt equipment slot. All other equipment slots (clothing, armor, headset, etc) are ignored despite some being able to hold items (e.g. Medic's Fatigues and Auto-Injector Headset).
  • Items are located anywhere inside the submarine, even on the ground, whether inside a container or not. Items inside the outpost will not appear in the Store UI, nor will items that have been dropped in the ocean.
  • Items that can be loaded with anything are not loaded (e.g. pipe cannot be sold with tobacco inside, weapons cannot be sold with ammo loaded, etc). However, items that act as "ammo" are allowed to be sold whether or not they are loaded into an item (tobacco, ammo, welding fuel, oxygen tanks, etc).
  • Items that use durability are currently at or above 90% durability, including tanks, clips, batteries, etc. Items with 89% durability or less cannot be sold.

Items that have a base price can be sold in any Outposts, even when the Store in that particular Outpost doesn't have those items for sale. Selling an item doesn't add it to the Store merchandise or to the number of supplies in stock of that item if the Store also has it for sale. Therefore, once the player sells something, it's gone for good.

EASY WAY TO CALCULATE SELLING PRICE: Use the original price (see price list in Buying section) as a fixed value.

When selling an item, the player yields 30% of its original buying price (at 0 RP) in a specific Outpost type's Store.
For every 1 RP gained or lost, the selling price increases or decreases by 0.1%.
Therefore, being on good terms with an Outpost allows the player to get better deals when selling items, up to 40% of the original buying price at 100 RP. In contrast, the player yields much less from selling items in a hostile Outpost, down to only 22% of the original buying price at -80 RP. The value of items continues to lower beyond -80 RP, but by this point, the player won't be able to interact with the Merchant and should consider leaving the Outpost urgently unless they want to get hurt. The selling price may also vary by up to +/-5% in each individual Store.

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